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Venus Eclipse & Effects

Started by JayTee, May 16, 2010, 02:50:40 PM

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Today we can see VENUS ECLIPSE if we can use a powerful binocular or any ordinary telescope.
Till now we\'ve seen and heard solar and lunar eclipses but this will be unique experience.

Venus is the closest planet to earth and today both moon and venus will enter gemini and venus will be covered totally by moon making it invisible.

This causes VENUS ECLIPSE.
Depending on which part of india you\'re in, this eclipse can be seen between 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM.

but maximum effect will be seen between 4:10 PM - 5:35 PM.

After around 7 PM, venus will start appearing from below moon in sky


ohh yess
i observed this around 7 pm
venus was just below moon\'s curve


yes but only after eclipse time passed away i could see venus
during eclipse it was cloudy..:(



hav seen it after 7 pm it was lik a small white glaring thing below the cresent moon


Venus eclipse on 6th june 2012 will be seen in asia, north america, australia.
In india, it can be seen as spot on sun from sunrise till around 10:20 AM, IST.
This small dark spot in combust venus which is in same line as sun w.r.t earth.
So we feel venus and sun are in same sign at same degree (maximum combust degree).

Venus\'s effects will be completely nullified during this eclipse.

Though traditional astrologers say that venus eclipse has no effects on humans like solar or lunar eclipses, Venus Combust Effects will be as usual for everyone[/b].

only difference is venus goes combust every year but we see its eclipse rarely.
Next visible lunar eclipse in india, is on 11th december 2117.
So, we\'ll be seeing the last venus eclipse in this lifetime on 6th june.
You can view it using negative films or glasses used to see solar eclipse.

If you are born in taurus, gemini, virgo, libra, capricorn and aquarius ascendants, venus is benefic for you and this eclipse(combustion period is bad till 11th june 2012).

For other ascendants, venus is malefic and this period is good, as venus effects are reduced.

People running venus (sukra) dasa will experience the changes in effects more than others



It\'s a nice info from you. As you said everyone in our generation should use this opportunity to see the Venus Eclipse as the next one will be after 105 years. None of us will be alive till then.:lol::lol:
Thanks & Regards,

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Ravi Varma

how many of you are watching it tomorrow morning?

Amy Aquarius lagna

I have an Purva Bhadra lagna, Magha Sun, Aswini moon, Mercury in Uttara Phalguni, Venus in Punarvas, Mars in Purva Bhadra  retrograde.  Currently in Rahu-Mercury dasa starting Oct 4 2013