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Income : Expenditure :: 14 : 11 (ratio)
Compliment : Insult :: 7 : 7 (ratio)

An overview of year 2020

Jupiter in 3rd house till mid November and then in 4th house, Rahu in 11th house till mid September then in 10th house and Ketu in 5th and 4th houses, Saturn in 6th house together determine the major transit results this year.

In 2020 chart, Lord of your Sign, Venus is located in 4th house, which is good for comforts and relations. You will be more comfortable than last year.
As Saturn transits Capricorn, repair work, reconstructions will keep you busy.
Jupiter is not good for investments but can make you travel a lot.
Rahu in 9th and 8th house is not good for dealing with ancestral properties and health issues.

2020 with respect to different aspects in your life

Favorable results are indicated but you need to take enough care and put extra hard work in all important works or affairs.
Efforts will be successful for the business trips to foreign nations. Establishing new branches and expanding business is possible.
You will try to find innovative approaches to do business.
Expenditures of partners will exceed their stake in business and it leads to disputes.
Growth of your near and dear in foreign nations make you delighted. Additional responsibilities will increase.

Efforts will be made for the progress of children. You will not entertain involvement of others in your personal matters.
All the works will be done with enough secrecy and privacy. Debts will be recovered in installments.
You will try to recover the principle and will not look for interest. Increase in income of a family member and elevation in financial status make you happy.
Lack of cooperation and deception from elders make you upset. You may have bad news or unexpected loss of someone which makes you upset.
Quarrels among your relatives, situations demanding your explanation to your life partner or someone make you unpleasant.
You will offer legal or judicial help to your friends. You do not accept changes in traditions or cultural facts in society.

Changes in financial state and independent attitude gives you lot of relief. Obstacles indicated in performing auspicious functions.
Trusting someone gives you lot of disappointment. Circumstances may force you to go on long term fight for justice.
Consulting professionals, or near and dear is advisable before taking any firm decision.

Pressure and increased work in office with your tough boss give you challenges frequently.
You will invest wisely with your savings. Tactfully expenditures will be reduced. Appreciation of fixed assets give you joy.
An opportunity to lead the business consultancy is indicated. Sharing of benefits with the people who did not contribute anything for the business make you upset.

Money will be spent in buying valuable ornaments and items, religious tours and pilgrimage.
You will initiate group activities and share the benefits with everyone in the group.
You may exploit the weakness of an official or higher authority and also to finish some important pending works. Your soul mates and enemies both will have an eye on your progress and never accept your growth, also negative propaganda is indicated.
Obstacles in important works can be expected with the non cooperation of women.

Gains and profits are indicated in stationary, electronics, print media, real estate and construction works, rice, pulses, vegetables, cotton, turmeric and chilly.
Name and fame indicated in fine arts like painting. Students do well in examinations.

Health needs care. Diseases related to bone may give you inconvenience. Eye sight issues possible.

Remedies : Avoid showing off and control Ego.

Your new year resolution for year 2020 : Be aggressive but not with relatives. Daily Moon Sign Predictions in Vedic Astrology are done based on position, sign lord, star lord, aspects and conjunctions of Moon at Sun Rise of each day. Similarly, Weekly Moon Sign Predictions are based on Moon at Sunday Sun Rise Time, Monthly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon at 1st date of each month along with transit of Sun, Venus, Mercury and Yearly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon's position on 1st January of each year along with major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.
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