Number 4 in Numerology

Number 4 in numerologyYour Psyche or Nature Number is 4 , if you are born on 4,13,22,31 dates of any month.

Your Personality and Traits

You are strongly built and practical in outlook. You have a distinct character of your own. You are the advocate of under dogs; you appear to view everything from the opposite point of view, keeping aside all conventions and norms. Although you do not mean to be quarrelsome, your nature attracts opposition, resentment and enemies. The influences of your ruling planet gives you sudden changes, constant ups and downs, which may make you, develop an indecisive nature and seek and act on the advice of others throughout your life. You are a sort of extremist, you are either at the top or bottom, and there is nothing mediocre about you. You flourish on conspiracy and you are anti-establishment. You are not materialistic; accumulation of wealth is your least priority. You are a reliable and patient friend. By your unconventional methods and freethinking nature, you may introduce great reforms that help the needy and downtrodden and the environment. You have to struggle a lot in your life and face many changes, but due to sheer grit and hard work you achieve success and recognition in the later part of life. On the flip side you are stubborn, selfish and rebellious in nature. You are prone to create misunderstanding, make false promises and mostly unsuccessful in matters of love though you have excellent sex drive. If you are lady, you are deeply affectionate, gentle, responsible and responsive in nature towards your spouse and his associates.

Special Notes:

For those born on 4th:
You are highly original in thoughts and ideas. You prosper in adversity and in foreign lands. You are liberated from environment and society. You dislike hypocrisy and love art and music.

For those born on 13th:
In Indian and Hebron perception, 13 is a lucky number. You are alert, dependable and practical. You go to the depth of matters and may be very successful in scientific and occult matters .You rise to position of high level of responsibility and become wealthy. Outwardly you are mild but actually you are stubborn inside. Your success in career usually starts after your 31st year.

For those born on 22nd:
The number 22 is one of the Master Numbers of Numerology. You are specialists. You are practical, systematic and efficient. You are mystic in nature and may become very obstinate. Your family members or partners may not support you, though you may benefit from members of opposite sex. Your domestic and marital life is often disturbed. You may become very successful in politics or business if your partner supports you.

For those born on 31th:
You are austere, ambitious and proud. You try to take honorable occupation like working in or heading charitable institutions for deaf and dumb or the physically disadvantaged. You have a strong will power, love to travel and a strong attraction for Members opposite sex. You usually succeed after your 40th year.

Your Ruling Planet

Rahu (Moon’s north node) is the ruling planet of Number 4.Rahu and Ketu (Moon’s South Node) reflect the basic bipolar nature of man. These do not exist but represent the points where the plane of Moon’s orbit around earth intersects with the plane of the ecliptic of the zodiac constellations. (According to some Uranus is the ruling planet). Rahu is an active and disruptive force that acts mainly on mental level. Normally Rahu is a malefic planet-dynamic in nature, low in vibration, hedonistic and perpetually dissatisfied .It brings confusion, ignorance, phobias and makes people have big plans which takes long time and is hard to accomplish .It makes people work hard and perform bad karmas. Favorable Rahu gives talent for editing, painting, writing and brings fame and success. Such a Rahu makes a person bold, intelligent and secretive .It also makes people travel abroad. Unfavorable Rahu destroys power of discrimination and sensitivity .It makes one egoistic, selfish, and pessimistic. Rahu rules the zodiac sign Virgo that is also ruled by Mercury. It is exalted in Taurus (according to some in Gemini). Its sign of fall is Scorpio (according to some, in Sagittarius) Friendly signs are Gemini and Pisces; enemy signs are Cancer, Leo and Taurus.

Your Favorable Days, Dates, Periods, Year

Best Days:Sunday. In addition Saturday and Monday are favorable.
Good Days:4, 13, 22, 31
Strong Periods:March 21th to April 28th, 21st June to 20th July, 21st July to August 20th
Weak Periods:October, November and December
Good years in life:4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 48, 49, 58, 67, 76 and 85. The years 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71 and 80 are also good.

Your Compatibility with with other Psyche/Nature Numbers

Friendship1, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Business3, 4 and 6
Romance1 best, 4 and 6
Marriage1, 4 and 6
Best Suited ProfessionPlanners, Politicians, Lawyers and Technicians
Karmic LessonSatisfaction
TendencyAtheist, Materialistic, and Nihilist

Special Guidelines

Favorable ColorsHalf shades and half tones: Electric Blue, Khaki, and Grey
GemsHessonite, Light or dark sapphire
MeditationOn Lord Ganesha. For others on the flame of an earthen lamp filled with butter oil.
To be repeated 210 times daily during the period new moon (bright half of moon) or whenever faced with obstacles.
HealthYou are prone to cold, cough or infectious diseases; you may also develop high blood pressure, heart troubles, incurable diseases which cannot be diagnosed.
Food HabitsYou should use plenty of oregano and fenugreek seeds in your food. You should also have carrot juice, beet juice and fruit juices regularly. Leafy vegetables, sprouts and herbal teas also help.