Significance of HEAD-LINE in Palmistry

In Hindu palmistry the head line is called dhan rekha and matri rekha. From this line we can make out the mentality, the power of mental concentration and the ability to exert self-control, possessed by the subject It should be obvious that the mind plays a … Read more

More than 3000 years History of Vaastu

Great! So you visited this page! That 3,000 years after it took birth, you ? a hardcore netizen for sure – still want to look up to Vaastu is in itself a proof of the efficacy and relevance of the ancient science even today. Even the … Read more

‘Vaastu’ – The science of building homes in harmony with nature

The world once thought to be unfathomable, has nowreduced to a Global village. With the increasing awareness about subjects likeAstrology, Palmistry, Ayurveda, Yagnas and Gem therapy people have now startedrediscovering these forgotten science and their significance in everyday life. It is history repeating itself for the … Read more

Vaastu versus Feng Shui

Vaastu is to Indians what Feng Shui (pronounced Feng Shway) is to Chinese. However, as is wont with Indians, while the homegrown Vaastu was always considered as a cryptic, ancient and outdated science, when Feng Shui made its entry all the way from China, we lapped … Read more

Finding Soulmate through Numerology

Searching out there for that special someone to light your fire and make your heart skip a beat? Exploring your options for a soul mate can be a short or long journey depending on numerous factors and conditions. However, a quick way to detect a soul … Read more

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