Health Ailments according to the position of Mounts

We find two different situations arising when we throw a glance at the palm. The first condition resembles a pit while in the other one it is elevated (raised). Contrary this, several times apart from both the above mentioned conditions, i.e. pit like or elevated, there is another condition which is regarded as normal condition. Mounts in a palm
This pit like or elevated condition alone is the birth place or place of origin of the mounts. In this order, we will first of all discuss the condition of Mount Jupiter. Since our topic is related to ailments, hence how will the ailments on Mount Jupiter be identified? We undertake this study by carrying it forward in this very order amongst the ailments arising out of Mount Jupiter, which is also called the Brihaspati Parvat or the Guru Parvat, the first one arises because of a defect in the digestive system because Jupiter dominated people are very fond of eating. Their digestive system begins to deteriorate because of excessive eating as a result, stomach related problems like swelling of the liver, indigestion etc arise. Obesity in Jupiter dominated people continues to grow due to the absence of control on the diet which gives rise to several diseases. Ailment like diabetes and dyspepsia can be diagnosed through Mount Jupiter.

The problem of swelling (inflammnation) is found in abundance in Jupiter dominant individuals. Several diseases arise because of this swelling also. Here it would not be improper to mention that these ailment arise only in the event of unfavourable planetary position of Mount Jupiter. Often, domination of bile is found in Jupiter dominated individuals. Due to this very domination strong possibilities exists for occurrence of diseases like Gout (Rheunatism). Apart from this, the infected / debilitate condition of Mount Jupiter gives rise to unconsciousness, liver and gas related problems or ailments. The above mentioned ailments generally arise when Mount Jupiter is debilitate or infected in any way.

Several diseases arise when the condition of Mount Saturn in the palm is unfavourable. Amongst them the main ailments are gastric disorders and gout (rheumatism). These ailments also occur in the event of the condition of Mount Jupiter and also affect the individual when the condition of Mount Saturn is infected. Proximity of both the Mounts to each other is also one of the reason for this situation. If the condition of the Saturn Mount is not appropriate in an individuals palm then the possibilities of his getting involved in an accident are more. He takes a long time to recover. In other words, such an individual will be rid of the ailment in a longer time period than usually taken and some mark or sign of the accident will surely be found. For example, there will definitely be a limp in his walk (movement), although he may have been fully cured.

Problems related to the teeth or the ears can be noticed in the event of the Saturn Mount being infected. The ailments of the Saturn Mount are of long duration, i.e. they are the ones (those) which run for a long time. Disorder or Paralysis attacks are also found to occur in such people because of which that person becomes peevish (irritable) at times. Individual affected by the infected condition of the Saturn Mount can even take the extreme step of committing suicide. Apart from other reasons, the main cause of this situation is that the individual get so much upset (annoyed) with his illness that the desire to live in him is finished. Swelling spirit in the nerves is also observed in people dominated by Saturn Mounts and in most of the situations some ailment or the other is surely found in the feet of these individuals. Several lane (infirm) people come under this category.

The people dominated by the planet Sun are balanced but in the event of the Sun Mount being badly affected although several diseases occur but we will happen to come across such people who have problems related to the eyes. Complaints of heat stroke are often witnessed in such individuals and they immediately catch fever along with the heat stroke as soon as they commit even a minor carelessness (small mistake) and they often suffer from fever. Such people have scarcity of water in them and because of this shortfall ailments related to this factor can be seen and heart related ailments pain in the legs, ailments of the spine, tuberculosis and fatigue of the mind are also seen. Even a minor stress on the mind immediately causes tiredness which is reflected on their face.

In the event of the Mercury Mount being malefic you will find such people complaining of sleeplessness, and also find themselves afflicted in the vice of the disease of sleeplessness, ailments of the throat are found in abundance. As soon as the throat ailments arise in such individuals. A minor carelessness made in the diet immediately causes a throat infection. Ligament (Tendon) disorders are often found in such indurduals. All those ailments which are caused by ligament disorders are observed in people having malefic Mercury Mount. Bone Marrow and Mental disorders, stomach ailments and digestion related disease arise. Mercury Mounts play an important role in exhaustion related problem. Several individuals lack voice clarity in them. This is mainly due to ailment of the vocal cord. All these ailments can arise due to the malefic condition (situation) of the Mercury Mount. Many times gall bladder problems and nose related ailments are witnessed in individuals, which apart from other factors are caused due to the malefic condition of the Mercury Mounts.

Blood related ailments encircle an individual in the event of the malefic condition of the Mars Mounts. Amongst, the diseases related to the Mars Mount Blood Cancer and throat infections feature prudently. Ailments related to infuses in the stomach are also noticed due to the malefic condition of the Mars Mount. When the Venus Mount is found to be malefic then lung related ailments are seen and when both the Venus and Mercury Mounts are malefic then throat related ailments occur. Individuals whose Venus Mount is malefic suffer from addition problems (contact drug addiction) and ailments related to reproduction are found to be seen. In the event of a malefic Moon Mount water related disorders are found in an individual and Scarcity of blood, lunacy (insanity) and tuberculosis also come out prominently in the event of a malefic Moon mount.

The above mentioned situations arise on the mounts in different forms. In some individuals these conditions exist since birth while in others (some) these situations arise in youth or in old age. The intensity of the ailment depends on the malefic condition of the Mount. If the concerned mount is more malefic then the intensity of the disease is equally more. In the event of it being mild then in that stage the chances of recovery from the disease are more. The treatment of the ailment is possible in the event of a mild malefic condition on the concerned mount and adopting a diet and treatment system suitable and related to the planet.