Multidimensional Imprinting

multidimensional imprinting
multidimensional imprinting of souls on earth

As a multidimensional being, imprinting takes place on many levels. Because of this, you feel and react to it on many levels. The first imprinting takes place in this reality at the moment of conception. At this point, you have already decided what aspects of the soul-personality you want to focus upon.

You have chosen the dimension, the planet, and the country that best fits the frequency of this particular aspect of your soul-personality. From there you choose the environment, the parents, and even the siblings, if any. You even choose the friends and sometimes spouse/partner that best fits your frequency. It is the strength of your mind-pattern that makes all of these arrangements, pulling to you all that most closely reflects who and what you choose to focus upon in this reality.

The mind-pattern is a frequency that might be compared to a magnet. As the frequency emits from the soul-personality, its pull automatically pulls “like” materials to it. This means dimension, planet, country, environment, parents, siblings, friends, spouse/partner, etc., right on down to the food that the physical body eats to the clothes that it wears.

The soul-personality itself is always the same as it came forth out of the God-Mind. It does not change, but it bends and twists itself so that different aspects of itself combine. These combinations then move out into different realities for experience. Think of a piece of “silly putty. ” It is always the same lump, but you can bend and twist it to create different expressions of itself.

In this way, the soul-personality studies itself. Because it is a microcosm of the macrocosm, this is simply a replication of the way that God-Mind bends and twists Itself so that It can study Itself.

To study itself, the soul-personality creates specific “themes” for every lifeline in simultaneous existence. These themes imprint upon the mind-pattern, or frequency. This is completed via a constant replication of certain behavior and emotions. Using the silly putty as an example, you can stamp it one time to see a specific shape. But, the more, or harder, you stamp it, the deeper the imprint. Eventually, after continual stamping, the silly putty takes on the form of the stamp.

This is the same with the energy that comprises the soul-personality. On some level, it chooses to be continually “stamped” until it is in a specific shape that allows it to be a magnet for specific experiences. When the soul-personality has learned everything that it can, both positive and negative, it is ready to release the imprint and be imprinted with something new and different. Because it takes time to create an imprint, the soul-personality does not want to release the imprint before it has experienced the totality of the imprint.

Imprinting takes place in many forms. For example, some males are imprinted by their parents that “pink is a color that only girls wear.” If this is your imprint, you are not going to wear pink, even if you really would like to wear this color. If you decide to wear pink anyway, then you must get through your self-talk that tells you this is not quite correct. The imposed imprinting says not to wear pink, so you must re-imprint yourself.

On a deeper level, if every time you went to a parent for emotional or physical comfort when you were a small child you were not comforted, your imprint is to find that person who will comfort you. You may continue to set up situations with people who do not comfort you, and you feel like you are hitting your head against a wall. But, you will keep trying because that child within who was never comforted still wants to be comforted, and he/she still needs to have that need fulfilled.

The child within will set up the same parental situation over and over again until it finally gets the comfort that he/she desires. However, instead of parents, the child within will use whatever surrogates that he/she can find. This can be friends, neighbors, co-workers, partners, anyone with a body. The child within lives in his/her own world, continually looking for the person who will comfort him/her.

Stepping back into an even deeper level, recognize that this is not the only lifeline where you experience lack of emotional and/or physical comfort. As you work through this lifeline, take yourself back even further in your memories. What was your imprinting at the moment of conception that drew you to these circumstances? Close your eyes and look behind you to see what propelled you into these birth circumstances?

Then, look behind that, and behind that, and behind that. What was the Original Imprinting of the soul-personality when it came out of the Oversoul level? What was the Original Imprinting when the soul-personality came out of the God-Mind level and into the Oversoul level?

Why did the soul-personality choose the particular genetics of the body that it expresses through in this reality? What physical attributes are embedded in the genetics that allow it to experience the current imprinting? What emotional attributes are embedded in the genetics that the soul-personality desires?

When you start looking at the “big picture” of the existence of your soul-personality, you begin to have a better understanding of why you are here and what your purpose is. You recognize that you are not a hapless victim, but a soul-personality that is very much in control of its destiny. Expand your view and gain a perspective of your life that is much more in alignment with the grand soul-personality that expresses through you in this lifeline. Understanding multidimensional imprinting is a big key to which you already have access. Use it to explore who and what you are. As with all things, it is there for the taking.