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What is it that you seek and why is it that you do? Do you know that all that you intend, all that you strive to create all that you desire and wish for also seeks you?
To create clearly and effectively, it is to drop the belief that you must struggle to achieve. Instead, believe in the achievement. Believe that the reality you have intended is already so.
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Do not concentrate on your process, rather, believe completely that the outcome has already become your reality. Focusing on the process does not create the reality. Only the intention does.

Participate in the process as it comes in each moment, but do not struggle or force that which you intend. Rather, know that by virtue of the fact that you have intended the creation so it is.
In such a way, it is to know that the reality which you create becomes of that which you send into the Universal Consciousness. If there is doubt in your creation it will contrive dysfunction in its creative process.

If there are feelings of insignificance within your creative process, the outcome will also be insignificant.
If there is dependence upon another or other situations for your reality to occur, what will formulate is dependence upon that which is outside of you.

If there is negative emotion of any kind as you deliver your message to all of creation, your reality becomes a struggle, challenges one after the other.
As you sow so shall you reap. It is that to create purely from the infinite possibilities which there are. How is this possible from the vantage point of humanness which is wrought with fears and feelings of insignificance?

Know that those feelings of imperfection are not of truth. Know that any sense of negativity is borne of learned perception that you are less than perfection. You are perfect in all ways, every way and it is both your right and passage to have that which you desire to be so.
If you create from fear you will be disappointed each and ever time. It is to create from the power of your being. Yes, you are powerful and yes, you are a being of the One, the Source, that which is the ultimate of perfection.

To create from a positive standpoint it is to believe purely in what you intend. Have no doubts, have no fears that what you intend will not create. Instead know that you operate from a universal perspective and in such a way, are the very creator which you seek.
When you begin your creative process, it is not to do so by creating affirmation after affirmation and throwing them into the mix. Each time that you repeat what you want, you give additional energy and instructions to the universe. Because you are never the same being freom one moment to the next and because your frame of mind, even your experience is different from moment to moment, each time you send out an affirmation you have changed your instructions!

Rather, it is to propel that which you intend as if you are throwing a ball into the infinite, letting it go to land how and where it will after it has experienced the infinite possibilities that it encounters.

The process of the flight of that ball is not important. The arc of its journey, its velocity, the spin which it develops during its flight matter not. What does matter is that your intention has flown unencumbered. As it continues its journey your intention communicates within all of creation, telling it that which you mean to create. And from within the endless possibilities which are infinitely choreographed within each and every given moment comes reality greater than you can imagine.
In such a way, the purest form of success is dependant upon the delivery of your message to the creative process.

When you create of fear, you beget more fear.
When you create from a sense of insignificance, you propagate feelings of less than.

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