Blood groups and mentalities

Blood may be in same color for all and contain similar Red Blood Cells and Haemoglobin but different blood groups decide our thinking. Since all liquids on earth and in our bodies are controlled by planet moon in astrology and moon controls mind and thoughts, a … Read more

Time – Linear, Cyclic, Spiral and repetitive

Time is an important component, which plays a major role in one’s life. All the events of the world are attributed to time. We are born in a particular time, live in a specific period of time, and don’t exist after a particular time. Things keep … Read more

Ashtavakra Geeta

Introduction: Once upon a time there was a student of the scriptures who could not support his family. He would work hard all day every day and then read aloud the holy language of sacred verses late into the night. His wife, round of belly with … Read more

Why this world was created with us?

Was the Lord not satisfied with Himself that He started this dolls-play of creation with animals, plants and humans? For the Lord it is a game to engage souls in deeds and then clear their sins (or good deeds). If He has set the rules of … Read more