The Story of a Pot, importance of having patience

The Story of a Pot

Pot Story PhilosophyOnce i walked into a shop which displayed pots decorated in the best possible way.
My eyes were stuck to a pot, which was well made and well designed colors on it.
I bought it and as i started walking out of the store, i heard a voice from within the pot.

It said ” So you liked my look, but do you want to know the story behind my appearance ?
As i said ‘yes‘, it started narrating its story…

When i was in my mother earth’s lap, someone digged me out and it hurt me a lot. But he said, i’ll be ok.
He later watered me and crushed me under his feet. I cried but he asked me to bear with him for a while.
Then he made a paste out of me and put me on a spinning wheel. I almost fainted while rotating, but he continued.
Then he put me into fire and burnt my skin red !
I thought that was my end, but it didn’t stop there.
I was then painted and he showed myself in a mirror and i wondered how good i looked.

This is how i understood the essence of life
This is how and why we are prepared during our lives on earth.