Time – Linear, Cyclic, Spiral and repetitive

Time is an important component, which plays a major role in one’s life. All the events of the world are attributed to time. We are born in a particular time, live in a specific period of time, and don’t exist after a particular time.
Things keep changing with time, and there is not a single moment when creation stops. It is ever changing world, where no two microseconds are the same. As said by, Osho Rajneesh, none could step in the same river twice, as everything has changed already, right from the ecosystem to the position of the celestial bodies.
Time Spiral Cyclic

Time, according to Indian scriptures, is linear, cyclic and repetitive. It is infact, Spiral !
Similar events occur every few years later but only circumstances change.
Modern people view time in seconds, minutes and hours, and some refer to time in weeks, months and days.

Time can be measured in terms of quality and quantity. The quality of time is directly proportional to the experiences of an individual. Like time seems to fly when a person is in love, and time seems to stop when a person is lonely.

Time has many layers, and the highest layer is of yuga. This is when the universe is born, lives multiply and die. The yuga is divided into kalpa, and kalpa is divided into manvantra.

Each yuga has a quality of its own. It is symbolically represented as Golden, Silver and the Iron Age. And the present yuga we living in is of Iron Age. It is also called a Dark Age, and apparently the present crowd love black or darker shades of clothing, dance and sing in the night. Darker men are gaining more power, and midnights are considered to be beginning of days. Similarly kalpa and manvantra have their own qualities.

One of the main reasons the Indian arts and sciences have escaped the odds of the times is due to sankalpa taken through yuga, kalpa and manvantras. It is basically affirmation taken before starting a prayer or any important event.