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Weekly Predictions for Sagittarius between 19 November – 25 November 2017

Career : New projects or undertakings will be initiated but will be completed with your strong determination.
Promotions to desired positions gives you joy. Works may not be completed due to disagreements with the women.
You may visit a new place on an official purpose. Unpleasantness and irritation are possible in works and affairs.
This week causes heavy unnecessary expenses and blemishes caused by your own rigid decisions in working environment.

Relations : You may develop negative thinking and a feeling of wretchedness during this time.
Some unfulfilled desires may make you irritable as well. There may be a good news from long distance.
Disputes or quarrels for no reason is possible. Decisions taken with expert consultation proves to be beneficial.

Finance : Financial state may be satisfactory but pressures from creditors need to be managed.
Businessmen will find this period to be a challenging one. Profits in real estate may not be satisfactory.
Sudden journeys may give you losses. You will gain new contracts. Property gains from foreign indicated.
Expenditures will exceed your income. Monetary losses and physical strain due to vehicles is possible.

Health : Need to control the anger. You may have fevers, or health problems.

Favorable days : Wednesday and Saturday are suitable for any important works or affairs.

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