Eating Disorder Facts & Gaining or Losing Weight Psychology

Eating Disorder Fat Thin PsychologyIf you have ever had a feeling that you are just getting fat on air vs getting so skinny you can feel your bones rubbing against each other despite eating 7 huge meals a day that any normal person would throw up, then you finally need to accept that this has nothing to do with how much you eat.
We need and can allow ourselves to finally stop our love hate relationship with food once and for all.
The food we eat and amounts of it have nothing to do with kilograms we gain ,loose over time.

Eating Disorder Facts

Gaining weight is not so much based on the type of food we eat and amount of weekly exercise sessions we conduct, amount of physical training activities we do etc.
The only thing that changes was the fact that we must have been extremely miserable and not fulfilled, where our happiness juices were not flowing at all and not to say Freely as we felt extremely conscious of feeling inhibited, blocked and was almost prevented by some higher power from doing things OUR WAY.
Every time we have a negative thought or were feeling afraid we actually added another layer of fat tissue on cellural level to our waist line, feeling stress increasing and probably a hormone related reaction causing our metabolism to slow down.
Each blockage, unfulfilled desire, unrealized dream and misunderstanding with the people whom we love, whom we felt disappointed in in that specific moment actually created little excess energetic bubble, tissue around our waistline.

Our fat is equivalent to the emotional state we are in and not in any relation to the amount or proportion or type of food we eat (carbs,fats,vegetables etc as we used to believe and vary about ).
Centimiters around our legs vs stomach inches were depending more on the soul state of how fulfilled we were in the most heartfelt desires, realized and fulfilled specific purposes ,dreams, activities and goals in life.
Powerful people who have higher aims often struggle with eating disorders almost like the efforts they exert in the world reflects itself in the body mass they generate or release. Its only what they pick for themselves and that is the difference.

Imagine a following scenario : You have a task that you want to fulfill and you are not successful at it at all, you will slowly start to show of and slow down your whole system numbing feelings of despair and powerlessness.

You would not feel accomplished, happy and your juices would not flow naturaly and uneven distribution of body fat around stomach, thighs, abdominal area would happen.
So no matter how much food you eat, the body fat generation has nothing to do with emotional eating and or amounts of calories taken in and is more linked with individual feeling of being down, blocked, misunderstood, inhibited overall hopeless and powerless and like life is not supportive of your efforts to create and give to life.

Finally, being fat vs really skinny has NOTHING TO DO with food we eat or amounts or type of food we consume.
Even after switching to a really healthy diet, and working out a lot, we sometimes loose and sometimes gain weight.
The only thing that really changes is the feelings we feel and emotional state we are in and thoughts we think.

If we could let ourselves be free and skinny and eat as much as we like, we would not impose additional burden on ourselves on top of the terrible emotions and feelings we feel already based on the life, people and circumstances in life, which are not letting us glow shine as intended by the natural purpose for fulfilled life.