Nava Nayaka Calculation Method

Nava Nayaka calculation formulae based on transit of Sun, weekdays and Ugadi for each Vedic New Year (Vikrama and Salivahana saka). Vedic Astrology calculates start of a new year from the day of Ugadi, which is first day of Chaitra month (usually occurs in March-April every … Read more

Weather, Rainfall, Cyclones and Summer in 2014

2014 will witness useless and untimely rainfall. Most of the rain will come when it is least expected and it will be in excess at mountains, valleys and cities. Villages will either experience scant or excess rainfall with floods. There will not be uniform and adequent … Read more

Rainfall and Weather predictions for 2012

2012 will witness lesser than average rainfall. Distribution of rain will be uneven and agricultural lands will recieve lesser rainfall compared to mountains and cities. East coast of india and Bangladesh will be effected by heavy rainfall and floods. Coastal states of USA and Canada will … Read more

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