Relation between Priests, Lord and YOU

The devotion or love to the God involves both sides i.e., your love on God and God’s love on your self. The second love comes only when the first love is present. For the first love the worship of statue or photo is helpful. For the … Read more

Human Love (vs) Fatherly Love of God

The Supreme Lord is the father of all the souls. Your love on another human being is only brotherly love and is conditional. The love of god is far greater than humanly love. You are criticizing your father for punishing your brother ! The father tries … Read more

OSHO’s famous first letter in 1963

I am for those who need me – nothing in my life is for myself. Weep so much that only the tears remain, not you. If the tears alone remain and he who weeps vanishes then God comes by himself. Emptiness That alone is the path … Read more