Saturn in Leo, aspected by other Planets

Saturn if placed in Enemy sign of Leo (Simha) and aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus delivers different results according to Vedic Astrology. These aspects should be measured from an individual horoscope casted based on their accurate birth details. If someone has these … Read more

Jupiter in 12 different signs and Luck factor

Jupiter’s position by sign in the Rasi Chakra (that is, the sign that Jupiter occupies in the birth chart) reveals how we attract luck and good fortune and also express our generosity and tolerance. It shows how we go about trusting others and improving our lives. … Read more

Guru (Jupiter) transit in 2010 and effects on Moon Signs

Big planet Jupiter, which controls family issues, finances, gold, jewellery, religious beliefs, spiritual progress, wisdom, judgement, sweets etc will be making quick transition in 2 signs over next 12 months. Guru will be tranisiting into Aquarius(Kumbha) on 20th december 2009 and in summer 2009 it will … Read more

Jupiter transition into Aquarius in December 2009

Jupiter(Guru/Bruhaspati), the most beneficiary planet which controls wisdom, finance, family relations, luck, religious beliefs and disbeliefs, knowledge etc. will be transiting into Aquarius on december 20th 2009. Over the last 1 year, Jupiter was in its debilitated sign Capricorn where it lost most of its positive … Read more