Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017, Effects

Total Solar Eclipse will occur on 21 August 2017 with Sun and Moon in Magha constellation of Simha Rasi (Leo) according to Vedic Astrology. This eclipse will be visible over entire USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean Islands, parts of South America, north-west Europe and north-west … Read more

Moola Nakshatra born characteristics and features

Moola 0-00 to 13-20′ Sagittarius Names start with : yE, yO, baa, bi General Characteristics: Possess a deep philosophical nature and an inquisitive mind that enjoys exploring the roots of any subject. Haughty, rich, happy, not inclined to injure others, Firm and fixed opinions, live in … Read more

Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra born characteristics and features

Poorva Phalguni 13-20′ to 26-30′ Leo (Simha Rasi) General Characteristics : Sweet speech, generosity, a habit of wandering, government service. Translation: The Former Red One or A Fig Tree Symbol: Swinging hammock – rest and restoration, front legs of a bed, or a post. Animal Symbol: … Read more

Magha Nakshatra born characteristics and features

Magha (Magha) 0-00′ to 13-20′ Leo General Characteristics: Has numerous servants, inclination to worship gods and ancestors, engagement in important work. Translation: The mighty one Symbol: Palanquin the royal seat upon which the king was carried through his towns, royal throne room. Names starting Letters : … Read more