Interior colors for home

Vaastu colors for interiors of houseVaastu defines specific colors for directions and corners of a house.
These colors influence and have an active role to play in our lives.
Right color at right corner helps us improve physically and mentally.

Vaastu based guidelines for choosing right colors for each room of your house :

  • Bed rooms: Light colors are suitable for bed rooms. Pink, blue, green, gray and lavender in their lighter shades keep the rooms tranquil and induce good sleep. Pink or cream colored tiles or marble are good for flooring
  • Kitchen: Kitchen must have some tinge of red in it depicting fire. It can be utensils, or any other items. White or blue are suitable for walls and flooring
  • Guest room: for active and pleasant atmosphere prefer yellow, green, blue, orange or lavender in their lighter shades
  • Study Room: to improve concentration and for pleasantness opt for green, blue, light purple which also improve memory
  • Baby/Kids room: bright colors are suitable for baby rooms be it pink, blue, yellow orange or purple
  • Bath rooms: white, light gray, pink or any pastel shade is suitable.

Few additional tips : Green drives away anxiety(used in hospitals), blue cures insomnia(sleeplessness), red solves your over weight problem, orange improves your appetite, pink is for tension and yellow improves memory. Some colors add zest to life and give positive attitude where as some colors act the opposite way.

Caution: Do not use bright colors on walls facing South and West windows and doors,as they reflect light and cause glare.
Keep those doors and windows closed during day time so that the bright rays do not reflect in the room.