Lucky Plants to increase Wealth & Prosperity

vaastu plants prosperity wealthGreen plants inside house can contribute to fresh oxygen and also help absorb all negative energies.
Proper choice and usage of plants can increase wealth and prosperity of residents.
If improper plants are selected or if placed in wrong corners, they can have adverse effects.
For example : Peepal and Banyan trees are sacred but should be planted in temple compounds, gardens or parks but not inside house courtyards.

Lucky Plants to be placed in Home

Holy Basil (Tulasi) : Tulasi is a holy plant and the only one which can emit oxygent 24×7, while other plants emit oxygen only during day time.
But this plant must be placed in North, East or North-east direction.
Women undergoing Menstrual cycle must stay away from Basil plant as they emit high radiation, which is adverse for Basil.

Bamboo : This is an indicator of luck and peace. It brings fame and wealth. However, these days dwarf, potted bamboo is an easily available option and they should be avoided.
Yellow colored bark should be prefered over dark colored ones.

Money plant : It should be placed in either the north or east direction. It is considered very lucky and there is a belief that money plant leads to a rise in the wealth as well as income.

Banana : This tree should be there in North-East direction of the house courtyard.
It signifies good health and mental peace. Banana tree is considered very sacred and is even worshipped. On Thursdays, people worship banana tree along with praying to Lord Vishnu.

Coconut : Coconut tree should be placed in the backside of courtyard of the house.

Ashoka Tree : It is believed that the Ashoka tree helps remove sufferings and grief and brings joy.
They should be planted in front side of courtyard of the house.

Neem tree : Presence of Neem tree in a house generates positivity and Neem also has medicinal properties. It is considered auspicious as per Vaastu and should be placed in the North-west corner.
Air flowing from it should pass through windows of Master Bedroom.

Chinese Flowers : They represent optimism and growth. And because they bloom in spring time, they mark the beginning of a new year or new beginnings. Keeping this plant at home invites goodwill and happiness among the family members. It also helps to enhance and improve the romantic situation between couples. This plant can be placed in the living room or even the dining area in the house.

Peony : Peony is a beautiful, colourful flower. It stands for the spring season as well as optimism. It is at once rich, attractive and delicate in nature. Due to these qualities, it is a symbol of feminism. It is red in colour and because the colour red is associated with religious and divine rituals in India, here it is a very auspicious flower. People who wish to find their true love should plant peonies in the southwest region of their garden or decorate the southwest region of their home with peonies. It helps to attract meaningful relationships.
Hibiscus & Begonias as substitutes for Peonies can be used.

Chrysanthemum : This beautiful yellow radiates happiness, brightness and optimism. Hence, the flower stands as a symbol for all these three qualities. The Chrysanthemum is best placed in the living room area of the house, but it should be avoided in the bedroom. It is easy to maintain and grows well with little care.

Plum Blossoms : This is a must-have to invite harmony & wealth in the home. This plant helps to promote a positivity and positive energy in the environment. The Plum tree blossoms are best placed in the northeast or northern side of the house. If one wishes to plant it in the garden, it can be planted anywhere!

Narcissus : When picking the Narcissus, one needs to be careful to avoid the dwarf variety of Narcissus. This is because they do not promote positive energy as they are very small. They are best placed in the north or north-eastern region of the house.

Lily : The Lily is a symbol of happiness and harmony among its owners. It also helps to spread calmness in the atmosphere and helps people stay cool and collected. Hence, these are best placed in the living room or bedroom or in a place where people practice meditation.

Lotus : The Lotus stands for exclusiveness, morality, strength and of course, purity. It is give maximum impact if placed at the entrance of the house. It is good if placed in the house as well. The Lotus is associated with Maa Lakshmi as well as Lord Buddha. Therefore, it is believed that with the Lotus presence, it will help attract enlightenment as well as wealth.

White Magnolia : This flower promotes love and purity. It is best kept in the living room or in a place for meditation at home. Planting a white Magnolia helps spread contentment among the owners and enhances luck.

Plants to be avoided as per Vaastu

Other small plants like Mint etc can also be placed but spicy ones should be avoided inside house.
Always avoid plants with thorns and Cactus (or similar) in house.
Do not place any plant or pot inside North-East corner of house.