More than 3000 years History of Vaastu

Great! So you visited this page! That 3,000 years after it took birth, you ? a hardcore netizen for sure – still want to look up to Vaastu is in itself a proof of the efficacy and relevance of the ancient science even today.
Even the Hi-tech city and Software Technology Park in Hyderabad and Bangalore respectively, the cybercapitals of India and the thousands of software/corporate offices being built across the country have been built on the basics of Vaastu sure is testimony to the positive results of this science.

Come to think of it, Vaastu is all about common sense. Ever wondered why Vaastu experts advise us to have bedrooms, especially of children facing the east? Simple commonsense here! A room facing east gets loads of sunshine and that means more brightness, more light. So children are bound to be up early and get going. So they are active, more diligent and studious too. So there!Similarly, your bedroom should have no wooden/iron beams, more so right above your bed.

Again Vaastu emphasizes on the commonsensical fact that, if there is an earthquake or a building collapse, the damage done is far less if there is no wooden/iron beam right over your head. These are just two instances on why Vaastu is more of a logical and commonsensical science, than as it is often misunderstood ? as an ancient and outdated concept.

However, the increase in the popularity of this science has, predictably, attracted several unqualified people to this science who go about disputing each other just to prove their own knowledge. Thus while one Vaastu ?expert? says the entrance should face a particular direction for harmony and prosperity, his ?rival? may suggest his client just the opposite. This unhealthy competition may have earned Vaastu a dubious repute, but that in itself does not harm the science as such.

In India, Vaastu has been the guiding light for many an architects right from the Vedic era. There is a mention of Vaastu and its guidelines in scriptures such as Skanda Purana, Agni Purana, Garuda Purana and Vishnu Purana. That it still holds relevance in this digital era is what makes Vaastu shashtra one of the most sought-after ancient sciences.