‘Vaastu’ – The science of building homes in harmony with nature

The world once thought to be unfathomable, has nowreduced to a Global village. With the increasing awareness about subjects likeAstrology, Palmistry, Ayurveda, Yagnas and Gem therapy people have now startedrediscovering these forgotten science and their significance in everyday life.
It is history repeating itself for the modern man.After all the struggles and experiments with the nature, he has fallen back onthese good old concepts.

These occult sciences are not mere superstitions, buthave scientific proofs to its credibility. And, Vaastu is one such science thathelps you in building your living place that can bring permanent peace andharmony.


Man is always been a tiny part in the universegripped by the laws of the nature, any attempt by him to subdue the cosmos hasalways lead to wide degree destruction. Vaastu brings about synchronisationbetween you and your living place, and helps you to blend perfectly with thenature.

How does earth’s magnetic field effect bird’s flight

The earth is divided into two poles, the North Poleand the South Pole, which are considered to be the magnetic ends of the planet.It is scientifically proven that the magnetic waves or currents flow betweenthese poles.

Pigeons and many other birds are tuned to thealignment of these magnetic waves, and use it to find their way home. But, itwas recently found that when tiny magnet is planted on the head of the pigeonsand other birds they tend to go astray. This simply proves that the magneticfield of our planet does surely effect living organism on earth.

Sunlight and you

For the first half of the day, the sunlight entersour houses from the East and during the second part it enters through the west.There is scientific evidence that the morning sunlight can provide vitamin Dand other energies to keep you fit all through the day. Hence, in VaastuShastra it is advised that a house should have windows and doors placed in sucha way that maximum sunlight enters inside.

Position of your pillow and your sleep

You may have noticed that if you change the directionof the pillow, your sleep gets disturbed and, once the pillow is brought backto the old position you tend to have a sound sleep. The brain respondspositively or negatively to direction or angle or height, even if you areunaware of the changes.


Points to remember before buying your own plot

The Vaastu rules

? The shape of your plot should either be square orrectangular. It should always have a regular shape, and should not be ofirregular shape with jagged edges.

? The natural rainwater always flows towards the Northand the East, hence the ground level of the North and the East should be lowerthan levels at the South and the West.

? An underground water tank or a well should besituated at the North-Eastern corner of the plot. In such cases, the inhabitantswill be able to fulfill all their desires, maintain good health and becomegradually wealthy.

? The height of the building in the South and Westshould be more than that in the North and East for the rainwater to flow.

? The terrace of the first floor should preferably bein the North and East. More open space should be left in the North and Eastthan in South and West.

? The kitchen should preferably be in the South-East.North-West is considered to be the 2nd best.

? Toilet should be avoided in the South-West andNorth-Eastern corners of the house.

? Entrance should preferably be from the North or theEast with more door and window openings in the North and East directions.

? Bedrooms should be in the South-West corner of thehouse. This gives all round prosperity. Never have a bedroom in the North-Eastcorner.

? Beds and cots should be placed touching West wall orSouth wall, and the head should be placed in such a way that one sees East orNorth while the person is on the bed.

? Almirah/wardrobes and wardrobes also should be placedin South or West directions so that they will face the North or Eastrespectively. No almirah/wardrobes should be kept in North-East corner. In casethere is no other alternative, then the almirah/wardrobes should be made oflight material. If these rules are not followed, there will be great financialtroubles.

? Cash box should be kept in the North. However, heavybox and almirah/wardrobes used for keeping cash and jewelry may be kept in theSouth, West or South-West to give financial stability.

? The best place for the puja room (room for worship)is North-East corner. But don’t forget to have a window to let the sunlightcome in.

? Never have a staircase in the North-East corner ofthe building. In case this is unavoidable, make sure that the room in theSouth-West corner is higher than the highest point of the staircase.

? Balconies should be towards the East or North.

? The compound walls of South and West should bethicker than the walls of North and East.

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