Vasthu basics in Atharvana Veda

Atharvana Veda Vaastu RulesAtharvaveda (Atharvana Veda) is the fourth Veda (Knowledge) in the ancient sanskrit literature in India.

Atharva Veda and its Upanishads were mainly composed by two groups of rishis known as the Atharvanas and the Angirasa, hence its oldest name is Ātharvāṅgirasa.
Later many seers contributed towards it.

Vaastu Sastra (architecture, building technology, rules of planning a layout etc) is part of this Veda.
8 main directions and 1(center) are rules by 9 gods and planets (Similar to directions of Navagrahas or 9 planets placed in a temple)

  • North- Kubera- lord of wealth – Jupiter
  • South- Yama- lord of death – Mars
  • East- Indra- King of Devtas – Venus
  • West- Varuna- lord of water – Saturn
  • Northeast (Esaanya) – Lord Siva – Mercury
  • Southeast- Agni- fire deity – Moon
  • Northwest- Vaayu- god of winds – Ketu
  • Southwest- Pitru/Nairutya or Niruthi- ancestors/forefathers – Rahu
  • Center- Brahma- creator of the universe – Sun (facing east)

How to test Soil before buying a land/plot

Dig a cube shaped pit with dimensions of 2 feet (length, width, depth) each and after a while fill the pit with same soil.
If some soil is left out, then land is of very good quality.
If no soil is left, then land is of good quality.
If soil falls short while filling the pit, reject the land.

Soil Looseness Test (Alternate Method)

Dig a cube shaped pit (same as above) and fill it with water and observe after 15 minutes.
If water level in pit remains same, then its a good quality land.
If only 10-20% water is absorbed and remaining is visible in pit, then it can be considered okay to buy.
If more water is absorbed by the land, then reject it.

Elevation and Slopes based selection of Plot

Gaja Prishtha – High towards West (North-West/ South-West) – Gain of wealth
Daitya Prishtha – High towards East (North-East/ South-East) – Loss of wealth, children and happiness
Naaga Prishtha – Elevated towards East & West, rising high towards North & South, hollow from the middle – Death occurrences in family.
Koorma Prishtha – High in the middle and sloping in all directions – Good from all angles.

Never buy a land/house from someone who is :
1. Bankrupt
2. Suffering from lunatic diseases, leprosy, psychological problems, insomnia etc
3. Leaving the country

Good and Bad shapes of Land

Rectangle, square, circle, Trishul (trident), elephant shaped, bull shaped, Egg, flag, bhadrasan, hexagon shaped, octagonal shaped, simha (lion face), gaumukh(cow face) are considered as good shapes and good for wealth, prosperity and general well being.

Uneven land, Elliptical shaped, Snake shaped, bow, Vyajan, brihan mukhi, Land on hill areas (where middle part is elevated), Triangle, window shaped, moon shaped, Land having odd number of sides, Mridanga, Tabla, danda shaped(stick), Sieve, damru shaped, tortoise, fruit shaped, gada shaped, fan, cart shaped, pot type, muslakar, varaha mukhi(pig shaped), long bar shaped are considered as Bad shapes of a plot.

One can observe that triangle shaped cities, states and countries do not prosper materialistically and are always caught up with issues like revolutions, anger against government, anti-government establishments trying to take control, lack of adequate rainfall, food scarcity, unemployment etc.

While digging the land for foundation, if these items are found :

  • Stone, Bricks, Copper, Horns of cow, Gold, Silver, Coins, Zinc, Brass pieces: Wealth, Prosperity, comforts
  • Pieces of wood: Simply reject the land and quit that place immediately.
  • Skull, Rags (torn clothes): Quarrels, litigations and fights
  • Straw, eggs, Iron or steel pieces: Death
  • Coal: Sickness and loss of wealth
  • Bones of animals: Obstacles to progress
  • Snake or Scorpion: Fear of these animals and obstruction to building’s progress
  • Ant Hill, Termites: Destruction of wealth, reduced longevity of the owner
  • Cotton: Sorrow
  • Stones, Coins, Metals(other than iron/steel): Good for prosperity of family

Rooms in 8 directions and Usage

  • North – treasury, study room, children’s room, basement(should not be used for living purpose)
  • North East – entrance, prayer room, swimming pool, Lawns, garden, small stature plants, open space, drinking water storage, walls here should be 21 inches shorter than the walls in south, west and south west directions, basement(should not be used for living purpose)
  • East – Prayer room, study room, Drinking water tank
  • South East – Kitchen, gym, fitness centre, inverter, generator, motor.
  • South – bedroom, big trees, strong and high stature walls, Toilet, automobile parking, lifts
  • South West – Bathroom, bedroom, big trees, strong and high stature walls, Toilet, armory, stairs, automobile parking, overhead tanks
  • West – Toilets, septic tank, lifts, stairs, overhead tanks
  • North West – Food storage, bedroom for unmarried girls, old aged people.
  • Center – Open space with no roof covering, fire rituals can be performed, marriages ceremonies, cultural events, playing etc can be held.

Main Entrance VEDHA Doshas

  • Big Tree – Trouble w.r.t kids.
  • Gutter, Ditch, Garbage – grief, death, mis-happening
  • Open well – mental problem, depression
  • Corner of another building – mental problem, depression
  • Water drain – wealth loss
  • Straight street – Reduced longevity of occupants
  • Weak house or walls – No prosperity
  • Staircase railings – suffering
  • Pillars, Electric or telephone post – affecting health of women, progeny and marriage