Jala Neti Kriya Benefits

Jala Neti Kriya in YogaJala Neti kriya (nasal cleaning) is a cleansing practice of the sinus passages with warm saline water.
Yogis have practiced it for centuries for its innumerable and powerful benefits.
It is also called Neti or Saline Nasal Irrigation.

In yoga, it has been used for its extremely powerful physical, psychological and spiritual benefits.
However, in the modern world jalaneti has gained immense popularity because of its dramatic effect on the sinuses.
It solves the sinus infection and allergy problems without the use of drugs with immediate, immense and sustained results and without side effects.

Method :A special NETI POT (as shown in the picture) is used.
Heat filtered or bottled water (about 500 ml) to the point of boiling.
Add a teaspoon of sea salt or rock salt (preferably) and stir.
Let the water get to warm enough temperature which can be poured in nose without causing burning sensation. (Test the heat with your finger tips)
Tilt your head and insert the nozzle of the neti pot into the nostril opposite (start with the nostril that is breathing better at that moment).
Without force, breathe through your mouth by keeping it partially open.
Tilt the neti pot until the water starts coming out of the other nostril by gravity.

This procedure is then alternated with the other nostril.
The water drains out flushing the nasal passages and the linings thoroughly. After these the nostrils are dried out through special techniques.

The way in which Jala Neti rinses out the dirt and bacteria filled mucous lining would be obvious to most people as the warm water loosens and dissolves any internal build ups, and takes them outwards. But what may not be so obvious is that, due to gravity and a venturi-effect, the sinus passages are also drained by the vacuum pressure flow of the water. Whereas it would normally be impossible to drain a “dead end” cavity like the sinuses, Jala Neti achieves this ingeniously and simply.
As the water flows past the nasal passages it “sucks” out the virus-infested mucus from the sinus cavities flushing them clean with the saline water.

Precautions : If possible, use a neti pot per nostril.
If the nose is blocked with cold or bleeding or infected internally, then avoid this kriya (process).
They should first clear nose by Kapalbhati Pranayam and then practice jalaneti.
Also avoid practicing it at night times. Always do it when sun is shining (preferably early in the morning with empty stomach).

Jala Neti Kriya Benefits :

  • Immediate relief from respiratory disorders like sinusitis, allergy, asthma, hay fever etc.
  • Neti helps to re-program the body’s natural mechanisms against respiratory complaints including sore throats, coughs, postnasal drips etc.
  • It cures problems associated with the eyes and ears such as certain types of deafness, tinitis and myopia.
  • If you practice advanced stages of neti, it works wonders for throat infections. It helps to re-program the body’s natural mechanisms against respiratory complaints including sore throats and coughs.
  • It stimulates better powers of visualization and concentration and gives a feeling of lightness and clarity to the mind.
  • It has soothing effect on the brain, so it gives relief from headaches, migraine, depression, mental tensions and even epilepsy, hysteria and temper tantrums.
  • On a higher plane, it is very effective for meditation as it works on the subtle effects of the olfactory bulb, and the psychic center, which is known as the Ajna Chakra in yoga.
  • It is excellent if you are trying to give up smoking. It reduces mouth breathing and re-sensitizes the nose to the indecency and discomfort of ingesting smoke, therefore deprogramming the brain of the physical and psychological addiction.
    Also cures snoaring during sleep.

Jalaneti is feared as a complicated yoga process which is only practiced by yogis of highest order.
But, in reality, it is too simple and has no complications.
It is natural and has no side effects.
Ofcourse, people who are used to consumption of medicines for every small health problem, will never be convinced that yoga can solve almost all of them.
One needs to believe, try and set an example for other, rather than question everything.