Meditation ! The Simplest, yet the most Difficult!

Meditation is not about suppressing mind, it is not about concentrating; it is all about watching your mind. Mind thinks, ponders, dreams and keeps working for hours and loves to be kept busy. But when it comes to staying calm, it rebels.
Meditation meaning

Only few yogis and, saints have succeeded in mastering this art of transcending the mind, and have found happiness in joblessness. In fact, there is nothing to be mastered or achieved. It is just about realising, what you already are.

The simplest means to explaining this is analysing a simple action such as swimming. By birth, nature has bestowed human beings the art of swimming.

It has also been scientifically proven that a just-born baby can easily swim in water without panic. But it takes a longer time for an adult to learn swimming, as he has lost touch with himself. He just needs to realise what he already knew, when he was a kid. And that needs effort, and that is what meditation is all about. We all need to put in some effort to realise what we already are.

Many spiritual gurus and enlightened souls have put much effort in making people understand spirituality and the eternity of life. Buddha spent 12 years of his life in ceasing to be an individual, and then realising who he actually was.

But then the human mind is always tricky. Instead of trying to do what Buddha did, they tried worshipping Buddha, and the end result a religion called Buddhism.

The simplest of all meditations is Vipasana, where you just close your eyes and SIT. Let your mind think whatever it wants to. Don?t suppress it, don?t try to concentrate, but just keep watching.

Keep watching what the mind thinks. This is the first step towards meditation. Meditational gurus have invented many other techniques for those who hate to sit idle as in Vipasana. The journey is the same, just the path differs. Choose the one that suits YOU the best!

The second advice is stop READING about meditation as it is all about DOING. Reading about meditation is like completing a whole volume of body building Encyclopedia, without lifting a dumbbell.

It is always now or never. So get ready for an interesting journey into thyself !