Shashankasana (Rabbit Pose) for Anger Management

Shashankasana - Rabbit Pose for anger management
Shashanka in sanskrit means “The Rabbit”.
This Asana is done with a posture similar to how a rabbit sits and it help in anger management for people in all ages.

Shashankasana, method : First sit in Vajrasana with both hands folded behind your waist.
Now catch hold of one wrist with other palm.
Start exhaling air and slowly bend forward and try to touch forehead to ground.
Do not lift your buttocks off your ankles while doing this.
Stay for 20 breath counts(atleast 10 in begining stages) and then slowly inhale and come back to original position of vajrasan.
You may not bend completly in first attempt, so try to bend as much as possible and practice it few times every day till you can bend completely.
While bending, concentrate on your head going down.

If you have gas problems or digestion problems, keep your fists tight and on both sides of navel, while sitting in vajrasan.
Now bend down as described above and while bending, concentrate on your abdomen region.
This method has benefits similar to ‘Pavan Muktasana’ and clears stomach and intestines.

Next, stretch both your arms above your head and continue with bending down.
After repeating this for 10 times, stretch both arms towards sideways and bend down.
While bending, concentrate on your chest.

In next step, interlock both hands behind your neck and start bending and touch the ground with your forehead.
Concentrate on your neck, while bending.
After repeating this 5-10 times, now interlock both your palms at your back and bend your head forward as in picture above.
When head touches ground, try to lift your waist and try to touch your feet with your palms.

Benefits of Shashankasana : Similar to Pavan Muktasana, this will remove gas from abdomen.
Pain in waist, lower back, neck will be reduced.
Anger will be controlled and when you get used to doing this Asana, anger will remain under control in future.
Peace of mind will be achieved and it will help in concentrating on work or studies and its good for sound sleep.