Tratak Karma enhances eye sight and concentration

Tratak is one of the important karmas prescribed in Ayurveda. In Tratak karma a minute point of target is seen continuously and with concentration till there are tears in the eyes.
There are three categories of Tratak Karma:-

(a) Inner (b) External (c) Middle or Centre.

A) Inner Tratak:- This is very much similar to meditation or dhyan. In this process, eyes are closed and concentration is made in between the eye brows. This process activates the heart charka. Initially one may feel headache and some irritation in the eyes but with practice of few days everything subsides. This process is very helpful in increasing concentration and in controlling anxiety.

(B) External or outer Tratak:- When the vision is concentrated on a distant object, it is called outer Tratak. One can concentrate the eyes on moon or the peak of a mountain. Taking Sun as the object is strictly prohibited. This process helps in improving the eye sight and is also helpful in some of the eye troubles.

(C) Middle Tratak:- When the concentration is made on a nearby object, it is called Madhya or middle Tratak. The tip of the nose, a black point in the centre of a white paper can be taken as the object. One of the easiest process is to make a small black point on the wall and should concentrate on that point. When the vision is concentrated on the point, it fades slowly. This process increases the concentration and eye sight.

According to Ancient texts on Ayurveda the process of tratak is very helpful in various problems of eye, in removing the dullness and lethargic attitude.

The tratak process to be followed is decided on the basis on the nature of the body i.e. billious, windy and phlegmatic. Those with a bilious nature should always go for inner tratak, external tratak is suggested to those with windy nature and those with phlegmatic nature should practice middle tratak.

Few rules are to be followed while practicing tratak which are as follows:-

(1) Before starting the tratak process, exercise of eyes should be done. The eye ball should be moved simultaneously in all the direction and also up and down.

(2) After completing the tratak process eyes should be washed with rose water or triphala water.

(3) If the eyes get filled with tears while doing the tratak process, it should be stopped and repeated next day.

(4) Light but nutritious food should be taken.

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