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Hanuman Jayanti celebrated on wrong date !

Started by Seetaram, April 12, 2012, 10:22:57 AM

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Seetaram" align="right" />Hanuman was born in Vaisakha (2nd) lunar month of indian almanac, when moon was in poorvabhadra constellation on a saturday.
But many are confusing the date and celebrating on fullmoon day of chaitra (1st) lunar month, when moon is in chitta constellation.

In chaitra (1st) lunar month, when moon is in chitta constellation, on a tuesday, hanuman has found seetha and also burned lanka on same day.

So tuesday and this day are celebrated as Hanuman Vijayam as he accomplished his task of finding seetha and warning Raavan by semi destroying his lanka.

I wonder why even organizations like Bhajrang Dal are ignorant about these

Real hanuman jayanti is on may 15th in 2012.

You can notice that people born with moon in poorvabhadra (Pooratadhi) have good built like hanuman
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thats very enlightening and correct seetaram ji


Yes but in Andhra only today Hanuman Jayenti celebrating, not in other states.

Anyhow, let us know good facts about lord Hanumanji as like Hanumanji a lot.


Not only in Andhra Pradesh, but also in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Hanuman Jayanthi is being celebrated today only. Many people here are visiting temples and celebrating Hanuman Jayanthi.
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sir if you provide strong source for this we can send it to responsible authorities to verify and correct it.spread through social network sites.
Here in madhyapradesh no celebrations being held.


lol.. again.. even this year they're celebrating today but actually its on june 2nd.
even religious gurus are participating in it and calling it hanuman birthday blindly


here in maharashtra  also it was celebrated yesterday.....


actully very informative post it is.....lets  see how many know that it is on 2nd june.....well even i didnt knew that.....


sorry.. this year's hanuman jayanthi is on june 3rd.
poorvabhadrapada nakshatra is on june 2nd.