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Aquarius Kumbha Rasi Predictions
Dhanishta 3 & 4 quarters, Satabisha, Poorvabhadrapada 1,2,3 quarters

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Monthly Predictions for Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) February 2023

Career : Courage and confidence needed. Fear, anxiety and tiredness are possible. You may have to wander and toil for nothing. You will not hear even a kind word of welcome in travels. Inconvenience indicated with the co-workers at work place. Slack in studies, loss of good name and position, unsteady mind, change of opinion indicated.

Relations : Difference of opinions and heated arguments can be expected at home. Better to delay any matters related to marriage. Misunderstanding and displeasure are possible with relations. Obstacles can be expected in performing any auspicious work at home. Quarrels and imprisonment indicated. Loss of status, quarrels with the friends and relations indicated.

Finance : Lot of tensions and worries will be there in your mind. Set backs in undertakings, loss of wealth or money, and defeat are possible. You may suffer insults and humiliation. Delays in undertakings, obstacles for prosperity, decline of wealth or losses, and change of place can be expected.

Health : Care must be taken to avoid accidents and diseases relating to blood. Blood loss due to severe blows to the body, breaks of limbs, or blood poisoning is possible. You may become weak through bleeding. Health needs attention and care. Rise in blood pressure, heart diseases, eye diseases or stomach ache indicated. Excessive heat in the body, diseases of the bowels, asthama indicated.

For the people born in Dhanishta, results are not favorable. Acquaintances with the low profile and mean women, fear of enmity with the others, loss of position or degradation in job, losses in business and profession, enmity with the friends and relatives, discussions related to philosophy, irritation, dominating others and exercising power, giddiness in works, indulgence in bad habits, unnecessary thoughts, and performing auspicious activities are indicated.

For the people born in Satabhisha, the results are not good. Anxiety and irritation, stomach pains, fear of animals, untimely diet, inconvenience in journeys, ill health, get angry even for small issues, inconvenience due to non completion of works, meeting mean people, blames, fear and anxiety due to lack of self confidence and inferiority complex, enmity with the relatives and authorities are indicated.

For the people born in Poorva bhadrapada, results will not be in favor and also visiting people with severe injuries due to accidents, fear of weapons, inconvenience due to non completion of works, vehicle accidents, enmity with the siblings and close or blood relations, monetary losses in landed property matters, unexpected changes in litigations and legal proceedings, acquaintances with the wicked people, low profile women, and development of relations with the police and armed officials indicated.

Favorable Dates : 4,5,7,14,16,20,25

Unfavorable Dates : 2,9,12,18,22,27,28

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