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Scorpio Vrischik Rasi Predictions
Visakha 4th quarter, Anuradha, Jyeshta

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Weekly Predictions for Scorpio between 26 November 2023 - 02 December 2023

Career : Gain of power and strength, or increased influence, improvements in profession, and great prosperity can be expected. Study of new subjects and success in competitive examinations indicated. Transfers to desired place can also be expected.

Relations : General progress and good relations can be expected in family. Status and reputation will be heightened in society. Cordiality of family circles, prosperity of relatives and family, friendship with good people and social success are possible. Enjoyment of luxury, domestic happiness, charitable disposition, and good character can be expected. You will tend to socialize. Associating with good friends, happy reconciliation with relatives, birth of children, and increase of happiness indicated. Children do well in studies.

Finance : Improvement in business, access to riches, and financial gains indicated. Gain of wealth and assets, increased income make you happy. If you are in agriculture, it is a very good time. You will make good money. Acquisition of good and comfortable house make you happy. Enjoying good perfumes and good clothes, and joy rides or pleasure trips indicated.

Health : Health needs attention and care. Physical pain and bodily weakness indicated.

Favorable days : Monday is suitable for commencement of any important works or affairs

Daily Moon Sign Predictions in Vedic Astrology are done based on position, sign lord, star lord, aspects and conjunctions of Moon at Sun Rise of each day. Similarly, Weekly Moon Sign Predictions are based on Moon at Sunday Sun Rise Time, Monthly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon at 1st date of each month along with transit of Sun, Venus, Mercury and Yearly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon's position on 1st January of each year along with major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.
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