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Virgo Monthly

Virgo Kanya Rasi Predictions
Uttara Phalguni 2,3,4 quarters, Hastha, Chitra 1,2 quarters

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Monthly Predictions for Virgo (Kanya Rasi) September 2017

Career : Obstacles and difficult circumstances are indicated for all your works and affairs.
Whatever work you wish to do will not be completed easily. Lot of physical strain is indicated.
You will have upper hand on enemies in litigations or disputes. Sudden changes may upset you.

Relations : You will attend an inauspicious function or a funeral at distant place.
Enmity with the women is possible. Anxiety and stress due to children can be expected.
Comforts and pleasures will be enjoyed with the children. New acquaintances are possible.

Finance : Monetary losses are possible. Efforts will be successful in the recovery of long standing debts.
Problems will be resolved with the mediation of some influential person and also it brings good name and fame.
Speculations are not favorable. A challenging time for the people doing business in stocks and high risk business.

Health : Sound health is indicated. Care need to be taken in avoiding over strain and heavy food.

For the people born in Uttara phalguni the results will be in favor. Increased income in job or profession, arrival of relatives and friends, comforts and pleasures after completion of works, discussions with the scholars and knowledgeable people, Meeting higher authorities, visiting auspicious places, success in all affairs, profits in business, success in gambling and speculations, monetary gains and favorable for all the works and affairs can be expected.

For the people born in Hasta results will be in favor. Status and reputation will be heightened in society, Promotions or elevation in job or profession, timely completion of works with ease, participating in religious activities, inclination towards spiritual and religious works, meeting scholars and higher authorities, participation in discussions with scholars can be expected.

For the people born in Chitra the results will be good and also enjoy nice food and entertainments along with their friends and relatives, Conjugal happiness with the newly acquainted women, receiving money in expected time, Discussing about various issues related to mother, comforts with the mother, peace of mind, gain of new cloths and receiving good news are possible.

Favorable Dates : 5,6,17,18,25,26

Unfavorable Dates : 10,18,19,21,22

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