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Capricorn Makara Rasi Predictions
Uttarashada 2,3,4 quarters, Sravana, Dhanishta 1,2 quarters

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Monthly Predictions for Capricorn (Makara Rasi) May 2024

Career : Success in all undertakings, cooperation of elders and superiors, or those in authority make you happy. You may have to attend an official meeting or conference which may give you significant change in professional life. Monetary gains, success in efforts to gain new opportunities in job or profession, acquaintances with influential people can be expected. You will have upper hand on your opponents.

Relations : Meeting long time friends, enjoying nice time with friends and relatives, gain of new cloths, comforts in life are possible. Contact with ladies outside married life and pleasure through them (low ranked women, widows etc.) indicated. There will be receipt of very happy news from outside and all round progress will happen. You need to control your anger. Comforts will be enjoyed in family, also new acquaintances indicated. Meeting influential people in society can be expected.

Finance : Gains indicated through speculations or stocks. Cooperation from those in authority and profits in business can be expected. Increased income, relief from monetary problems indicated. Gains through money lending, and food grains also indicated. Money will be spent for religious activities.

Health : Care must be taken to avoid accidents. Ill-health to self and children or accidents are possible.

For the people born in Uttaraashadha, visiting people with severe injuries due to accidents, fear of weapons, inconvenience due to non completion of works, vehicle accidents, enmity with the siblings and close or blood relations, monetary losses in landed property matters, unexpected changes in litigation and legal proceedings, acquaintances with the wicked people, low profile women, and development of relations with the police and armed officials indicated.

For the people born in Sravana, increased income in job or profession, arrival of relatives and friends, comforts and pleasures after completion of works, discussions with the scholars and knowledgeable people, meeting higher authorities, visiting auspicious places, success in all affairs, profits in business, success in gambling and speculations, monetary gains and favorable for all the works and affairs can be expected.

For the people born in Dhanishta, Status and reputation will be heightened in society, promotions or elevation in job or profession, timely completion of works with ease, participating in religious activities, inclination towards spiritual and religious works, meeting scholars and higher authorities, participation in discussions with scholars can be expected.

Favorable Dates : 1,5,11,14,21,23,28

Unfavorable Dates : 3,7,9,16,18,26,30

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