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Visakha 4th quarter, Anuradha, Jyeshta

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Scorpio (Vrischik Rasi) Yearly Predictions


Income : Expenditure :: 8 : 14 (ratio)
Compliment : Insult :: 4 : 5 (ratio)

An overview of year 2024

Jupiter in 6th house till late April and then in 7th house, Rahu in 6t5h house and Ketu in 11th house throughout the year, Saturn in 4th house throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.

Venus and Mercury (retrograde) are located in 1st house. Your sign lord Mars combust in 2nd house indicates tough financial position continues this year too. Past commitments can be fulfilled partially only after April 2024. Not a good year ahead for speculation. Need to reduce risks and play safe.

2024 with respect to different aspects in your life

Ambitions and desires will be fulfilled. All the affairs will be resolved as per your plans. Success is possible in all the professions. Pending works will be completed. Cooperation of authorities, recovery of debts, elevated status are indicated. Monetary gains are possible but with little humiliation. Encouragement and support of women helps you in achieving success. Growth in fixed assets, long journeys, and pilgrimage are predicted. Problems may arise in family, but will be resolved in last minute. Spiritual practices, gain of power and authority, monetary gains through litigation, and conjugal happiness in life indicated. You will be respected in family and also in society. Physically you will be strong, this makes you happy in all works and affairs.

Favorable period for the employees. Transfers to distant places, and long journeys are possible. Gains through authorities indicated. Those working in private sector may have to face inconvenience in financial affairs. Temporary or contract employees may be regularized. Bonus offer to labor make them happy. Unemployed can expect good news this year. Buying new vehicle or construction of house indicated.

Politicians will see a favorable period. Name and fame in party high command, and success in elections with little majority indicated. Nominated post either in government or in party can be expected. Status and reputation will be heightened. Huge expenditures are unavoidable and sale of fixed assets is also indicated. Suppressing enemies indicated.

People in fine arts can expect good period. Gains and profits indicated for directors, singers and technicians in T.V or cinema. New opportunities indicated. Successful completion of projects, for new comers stability in professional life can be expected. Buying new vehicles, or fixed assets, awards or rewards indicated. Status and reputation will be heightened in society.

Expectation may not be realized in business. Few may close their business. Inconvenience is possible in finance business. Debts will not be recovered, and payments can not be stopped. This leads to sale of fixed assets. Moderate results are possible in wholesale or retail sector, also for those in storage of goods. Business of sand, iron, any other building material also gives satisfactory returns. Contractors will face inconvenience due to clearance of bills, also new contracts can not be expected. Losses are unavoidable in real estate business. Care must be taken. Inconvenience through government is also indicated.

Students will be able to concentrate in studies and achieve good ranks in any competitive examinations. Also admission in reputed institutes indicated. Huge expenditures are inevitable. People in sports may not succeed as expected. Due to misfortune, failures are indicated in the last minute. Also losses indicated.

Farmers will be benefited through second crop. Income and expenditures will be same. Losses are unavoidable for lease farmers. Severe disappointment in life is also possible. Mixed results are indicated in fisheries and satisfactory gains in poultry.

For Women: Mixed results are possible. Your words will be honored and respected. Gain of valuable items indicated. Registering fixed assets in your name can be predicted. Huge expenditures are possible for luxury and status. Minor differences with spouse may create uncontrolled emotional behavior. Benefit through children indicated. Status and reputation will be heightened in society. Employed women get transferred to distant places. Inconvenience through authorities and health problems are inevitable. Surgery is also indicated. Pregnant Women will be blessed with a baby boy through natural delivery. Unmarried get married in second half of the year. Reunion with separated life partner is also difficult.

Remedies : Observe moral values and religious traditions during Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Donate to physically challeneged on Saturdays.

Your new year resolution for year 2024 : Maintain harmony with partners and well wishers. Clear pending works.

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