Jupiter transit in SCORPIO (Vrischik Rasi) 2018-19, Effects

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Income : Expenditure :: 14 : 5 (ratio)
Compliment : Insult :: 6 : 6 (ratio)

An overview of year 2018

Jupiter in 2nd house till mid October and then in 3rd house, Rahu in 11th house and Ketu in 5th house, Saturn in 4th houses throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.

In 2018 chart, Mercury the ruling planet of your sign is located in the 3rd house, the house of judgement, decision making, siblings, courage, writing, publishing, short distance travel in your life. Jupiter the lord of your 4th house and 7th house is located in 2nd house of your chart and has better transit strength than last year, but from October onwards Jupiter will not be much supportive.
Saturn will still transit through your 4th house, and this creates some trouble, financially.
Sun the lord of your 12th house will be places along with Saturn and aspect your 10th house signifying positive success from overseas contacts or overseas ventures.
Moon is well placed in your 10th sign signifying better relationships with children, friends and colleagues.
This is good year to restart your blogs, books, research articles, software etc.
There will be some guidance from siblings, cousins.

Friends and relatives can misuse your name to make money.
This year must be put to best use and prepare for more challenges coming up in early 2019.

2018 with respect to different aspects in your life

This year brigs you mixed results. People in the legal field find tough time. Your own people, elders, and the people you honor, will be away from you in the time of need. Their interest on your income will be much more than on your problems. You maintain secrecy in many issues. Delays in works make you upset. You will try to follow famous personalities in society. Cordial relations with the women benefit you a lot. Your own people try to dominate you, also you lack self confidence in needed time. Public relations will be given highest priority and also you work very hard to achieve success. You will face disputes, quarrels and health problems. Your efforts and patience to bring unity among others will be successful. Better to avoid involvement in the affairs of others. Your status and reputation make your superiors jealous about you. Avoid all such things and focus on your work with concentration. Do not discuss your strategies, or plans before completion of your works. You can reveal later. Open discussions and sharing thoughts lead to many problems even in personal life. You will able to withstand many dangerous situations in job or profession. Changes in job, transfers, or promotions can be expected. Your strategies are not acceptable to your authorities but your job is well protected. Success in new undertakings or job will be beyond your imagination. Union politics play a major role. People in your close circles communicate critical information to your enemies. Enough care must be taken in dealing with such people. Interest will be developed in yoga, meditation, nature and medical field. Those manage academic institutions, and do teaching will find increase in name and fame. Regularization of contract or temporary jobs indicated. Inconvenience is indicated from the wicked people in job. Transfers are indicated for your higher authorities and this gives you lot of relief. Stability in job and opportunities in foreign land gives you joy.

Favorable circumstances are indicated for the students. Availing scholarships, success in competitive examinations, admission to reputed institutes can be expected. Auspicious functions like marriages will be performed as per your expectations. Growth is possible in the state of children. Their progress in studies make you to spend more money on their education. Arrangements will be made for their bright future. The associations of your own people with your opponents make you upset. They do not understand the reality. With your success in education and job, you will work unitedly with the family to uplift family reputation. Situations will demand your support to your siblings. Also you will fight against all odds. You will advise your soul mates properly to put them in right track. This brings a change in their life but they turn as your enemies later. Avoid reacting to bad propaganda. This helps you a lot. Differences are possible with your close near and dear. Efforts for the marriage will be successful in the later half of the year. You may have to face unnecessary allegations from a woman in spite of your innocence in the issue. Your character, courage and confidence help you in facing such challenge. You will get relief from long standing problems and wicked people. Support of your daughters can be expected in many issues. An unexpected incident may give you lot of depression. A possibility of separation from your own people is indicated because of suspiciousness. You will honor your elders in every aspect of your life. There may be delays in performing an auspicious function. Problems can be expected due to your love and affection on your elder son. Relatives will exploit your family relations to their advantage. You feel lonely at heart. You feel that, all the relations are linked to money. Avoiding arguments with the spouse and spontaneous decisions will benefit you. Helping friends frequently gives you irritation. Unrest in family will increase. Unexpected guest make you happy. A new birth can also be expected in family.

You will work hard to get small orders. Your attitude towards business and over confidence may lead to losses. Ignoring past experiences will result in severe damage to financial health of business. Favorable to the people in the fields of water fountains, liquor, education, medicine, accounting, printing, media, leather products, stationary, short time business, food grains, decorative items, auditing and infertility centers. Deficiencies will be exposed in educational and charitable trusts running under your authority. Profits are indicated in buying or selling landed property, imports and exports. Middle men find good profits. Speculations are favorable. During second half you will have separation from your partners and start new business. Business commencement will be done with the help of your friends staying far from you. Success is indicated through your hard work. Those running financial organizations must take proper measures to have smooth running. Decisions must be taken wisely. People from opponents will join you to your surprise. Nice time will be spent for good food and entertainments. Delays are possible in business agreements due to your lack of acceptance to terms and conditions. New partners will be allowed for the expansion of business. Tax policies may create inconvenience and also irritation due to banking indicated. Differences with the partners and separations indicated. Losses are indicated with the authorities with the involvement of enemies. You will seek political support to overcome the problem. Care must be taken in safe guarding valuable documents, and articles. Enough care must be taken in documentation.

Efforts will be successful for foreign travel and permanent resident status. Financial state may not be satisfactory but slowly it improves. You need to compromise and make adjustments for many things. Obstacles are indicated for the foreign source of income. Courtesy will not be there in your heart. Some people who saved lot of money without extending any help to others will not be able do pass the property to their own kith and kin. You will be able to transform such people. Care need to be taken to avoid any theft of gold ornaments. Your own kith and kin will make important announcements about sensitive personal or professional matters, in your absence, and without your consultation. Debts will be cleared. You will buy an apartment secretly, in a commercial area. A long standing critical monetary problem will be resolved in second half of the year. Your past savings will not be available in right time, also mediators will enjoy the benefits. You will not gain any benefit from laws and government authorities.

Health improvement in second half of the year gives you relief. You may suffer due to lack of proper sleep, night mares, indigestion, allergy, stress and depression for about a month. Frequent muscle pains may affect your health.

Remedies : Stay away from physical relations outside marriage, especially on fridays and saturdays.

Your new year resolution for year 2018 : I will learn from past mistakes and act more wiser.

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