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Weekly Predictions for Aquarius between 19 February – 25 February 2017

Career : Loss of good name and position, and painful work is indicated in job or profession.
Also loss in trade and even a lowered position and income in your professional life can be expected.
Giddiness and fatigue in all the works is possible. Tiredness and unfruitful journeys indicated.
Enemies may trouble you and also insults and humiliation may give you disappointments.

Relations : This time proves a socially good time for you, as your status in the society is likely to be heightened.
But problems in the domestic life will be there. Your words might be harsh. Need to watch your speech.
There may be a good news from long distance. Gain of property or assets from your father can be expected.
Beware of your enemies and avoid unnecessary discussions, as it might lead to quarrels, increasing the number of your enemies.

Finance : Finances may not be good and most of you would consider this time for finding alternatives.
Monetary help may be received from your friends or relatives and makes you happy.
You may consider buying new vehicles and acquiring material comfort in this time.
There may be huge expenditures and you need to be extra careful with your finances.

Health : You will have sound health and a peaceful mind. Physical health suffers during the end of the week.
As time progress you may have mental anguish, agitation and restlessness. Care must be taken in journeys.

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