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Magha, Poorva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni 1st quarter

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Monthly Predictions for Leo (Simha Rasi) April 2024

Career : Inconvenience and troubles can be predicted in job or profession. Losses or transfers, lack of cooperation in finishing critical works may create unpleasantness. Unexpected changes in profession, humiliation, dissatisfaction through influential people make you upset. Enmity with women may cause difficulties and obstacles in executing some important works.

Relations : Enmity with the elders, separation from kith and kin, feelings of privation, disappointments, loss of status indicated. Spouse will speak harshly, and repulsion for and from women can be expected. Cordial relations are not indicated with spouse, friends and relatives. Children do well in studies. New acquaintances may lead to inconvenience and troubles. Losses can also be expected.

Finance : Financial pressures, impediments to acquisition of wealth and undertakings, or loss of wealth, poverty and worries make you unpleasant. Later half, gain of property, satisfactory financial gains, huge profits in business and participating in auspicious events indicated.

Health : Affliction of health, accidents and wounds, quick loss of energy and worries indicated. Health needs attention and care. Severe diseases and sorrow are possible.

For the people born in Magha, results will not be in favor and also visiting people with severe injuries due to accidents, fear of weapons, inconvenience due to non completion of works, vehicle accidents, enmity with the siblings and close or blood relations, monetary losses in landed property matters, unexpected changes in litigation and legal proceedings, acquaintances with the wicked people, low profile women, and development of relations with the police and armed officials indicated.

For the people born in Poorva phalguni, results will be in favor. Increased income in job or profession, arrival of relatives and friends, comforts and pleasures after completion of works, discussions with the scholars and knowledgeable people, meeting higher authorities, visiting auspicious places, success in all affairs, profits in business, success in gambling and speculations, monetary gains and favorable for all the works and affairs can be expected.

For the people born in Uttara phalguni, results will be in favor. Status and reputation will be heightened in society, promotions or elevation in job or profession, timely completion of works with ease, participating in religious activities, inclination towards spiritual and religious works, meeting scholars and higher authorities, participation in discussions with scholars can be expected.

Favorable Dates : 3,5,12,14,19,24

Unfavorable Dates : 1,8,10,16,21,26,28

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