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Income : Expenditure :: 2 : 8 (ratio)
Compliment : Insult :: 7 : 3 (ratio)

An overview of year 2024 Jupiter in 12th house till April and then in 1st house, Rahu in 11th house and Ketu in 5th house, Saturn in 10th house throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.
Lord of your Sun sign, Venus is located in the 7th house, which indicates good relations with opposite gender but Retrograde Mercury and Combust Mars cause many disappoitments.

Transit of Saturn in 10th house will ensure that there will be difference of opinions at work and home. During initial 4 months of the year, Jupiter will transit through the 12th house, which is not good. During the latter half of the year, Jupiter will transit through 1st house, which will expose you to unforeseen conditions.
There will be disturbing situations within family. Behaviour of Spouse and Kids will cause irritation and embarassing situations.
Few people in extra-marital affairs, will live under fear of getting exposed.
Health of father can be a cause of concern from May 2024.

2024 with respect to different aspects in your life

It will be a good time in life to strengthen the community. Good results, Happiness, encouragement, and mental stability are possible in life. Development of fixed assets, enjoyment of family life, status and good positions in society, getting many honors, favors of authority and from women, gains through women, buying valuable things, may have to face slander in some matters can be predicted. Sudden decisions may lead to losses. Being cheated by others, anxiety, loss of money, grief due to relatives, inauspicious news from relatives, vehicular accidents are inevitable. Foreign travelers are eligible for quick visa. New diseases, alarming events, and health disorders during travel indicated. Eye problems, abdominal diseases and enmity with friends are possible. Marriages or auspicious things will happen at home. Be very careful in some matters. Your strength is like a mountain, You can achieve some tasks with your skills and knowledge.

Good period for employees and for those who are employed abroad. Those who make efforts to go abroad can get good results. Sudden transfers are inevitable for central and state government employees. Difficulties due to authorities and staying away from family can be expected. No matter how efficiently you work, you will face opposition in all aspects. This year looks promising for the unemployed. Regularization of temporary employees indicated. In research institutes Employees move to other companies. Change of house is indicated for all employees.

Favorable to politicians. They will be respected by the people and the authorities. Minimum some post of authority can be expected. Also they may get higher positions. People's recognition, huge uncontrolled expenditures, loss of immovable property can be predicted. They will win the election. Deception through trusted one or own people is possible. Care must be taken.

Mixed results are possible for artists. Government awards and rewards may slip away at the last minute. Very difficult to achieve any recognition. New opportunities for singers, poets and musicians in cinema or TV are possible but with great difficulty. Even if some opportunities arise, they are disappointing.

This year is good for all types of businessmen and is very suitable for those in the wholesale and retail sector. Commencement of new business can be expected. Losses are inevitable for those in partnerships. Differences with partners lead to separation. Excellent period for those in business of storage of goods. Moderate results can be expected in real estate, also losses are indicated. Favorable for those in contract business. Gain of new contracts indicated. Mixed results are possible in finance business. Care must be taken in shares business. Gains are possible for rice millers.

Students may not get expected results. Hard work will not be rewarded suitably. Laziness, lack of concentration in academics and deviation from studies, and bad associations may lead to losses. Favorable for foreign travel. Expected ranks in competitive examinations or admission in desired courses are not possible. Players can expect favorable period and they will be selected for the national teams.

Good yield of two crops can be expected. Lack of expected income and natural calamities leads to disappointments. Debts will not be cleared. Auspicious functions will be performed at home. Lease farmers may face difficulties. No government aid is available. Mixed results are possible in fisheries business. Satisfactory gains can be expected in poultry business.

For Women: You will have favorable results. Minor differences with the spouse will be resolved and all negotiations will be turned in your favor. Your suggestions will be accepted by all. Comforts in family and gain of valuable items indicated. Inconvenience through children, loss of some important items and diseases related to stomach indicated. Reunion with separated partner is also possible. Success is possible in legal affairs. You may have to stay away from family for some time. Unmarried get married. Pregnant ladies will be blessed with baby boy through easy delivery. Health will be good.

Remedies : Stay away from useless pursuits, loose talk on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Your new year resolution for year 2024 : I will not get carried away by small and short term gains.

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