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Income : Expenditure :: 11 : 5 (ratio)
Compliment : Insult :: 7 : 5 (ratio)

An overview of year 2023

Jupiter in 5th house till late April and then in 6th house, Rahu in45th house and Ketu in 10th house throughout the year, Saturn in 3rd house throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.

In this year’s chart, Jupiter the ruling planet of your sign will be out of Guru Chandal Yoga but in houses of debts, diseases, legal issues from May.
This, along with Sun and retrograde Mercury indicates health troubles, differences with children, partial recovery from diseases.
Saturn in 3rd house along with Rahu in 4th house indicates situations going out of control at home and work.

2024 with respect to different aspects in your life

Your importance will be recognized by all. In every aspect of life, you will achieve remarkable value and status. With your skill and hard work, you will be able manage any work. Status and reputation will be heightened in society. Pilgrimage, increased courage and confidence, cooperation of friends and relatives can be predicted. To achieve success, you will not give priority to money. You give priority to others than yourself. Your nice and pleasant speech will attract everyone. Family problems, minor health problems and expenditures are inevitable. You may have to extend your cooperation for your siblings. Minor problems in family, unexpected problems are indicated, but you will be able manage them well.

Favorable period for the employees. Hard work will be rewarded suitably. Huge expenditures will exceed your income. Problems will exist in family. Promotions can be expected for those working in government sectors. Staying away from family is indicated. Construction of house is possible. Unemployed will get an opportunity to get settled in life this year. Name and fame is indicated for those working in private and corporate sector. Change of organization, for the sake of increased salary or income may result in losses. Care must be taken

Golden period for the politicians. Popularity in public, resolving problems of people helps you in gaining good remark in party high command. Nominated post either in government or in party can be expected. Success is possible in elections. Huge expenditures are possible. Sale of fixed assets is also indicated. Quarrels in family and enmity is also indicated.

Artists can expect moderately favorable period. Opportunities will be there, but satisfactory income can not be expected. Singers, directors or technicians in film industry or T.V will see success and growth in their career. Along with name and fame for their work, they can expect good monetary gains. Awards or rewards also indicated. Huge expenditures beyond income also indicated.

Gains and profits indicated in all types of businesses. Profits will be enjoyed by people involved in wholesale or retail sector, but government raids or income tax raids are predicted. Gains indicated for builders. Contractors will be benefited through new contracts. Moderate gains are possible in shares trading. Huge losses followed by regain of lost money indicated. Partners understanding leads to good profits in partnership business. Not favorable for business of iron, sand or any building materials. Rice millers will be benefited with government decisions. profits indicated in business of storage of goods.

Students will be able to concentrate in studies and achieve good ranks in any competitive examinations. Also admission in reputed institutes indicated. People in sports register success and achieve placement in national or international teams.

Farmers will be benefited through two crops. Debts will be cleared with the increased income. Lease farmers also get gains and profits. Moderate gains for fisheries and good profits for poultry can be predicted.

For Women: Women will have upper hand in all the affairs. You will be respected wherever you go. Name and fame in family circles indicated. Gain of valuable items, registering property in your name indicated. Expenditures are beyond income and uncontrollable. Cordial relations will be enjoyed with spouse. Promotions indicated in job. Also transfers to desired place and cooperation of higher authorities can be expected. Those staying separately will find an opportunity to resolve any issues and join together. Pregnant Women will be blessed with a baby boy through natural delivery. Unmarried will get married with whom they are in love.

Remedies : Donate money to eunuchs and take their blessings on Wednesdays. Stay away from all conversations that can lead to a controversy. Visit a religious place on Thursdays and Fridays.

Your new year resolution for year 2023 : I must NOT interefere in family affairs and decisions of children.

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