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Monthly Predictions for Libra (Thula Rasi) August 2017

Career : Success and achievements are indicated in all your efforts. Obstacles will be managed efficiently.
Additional responsibilities will be managed. A foreign travel for the people in fine arts and politics is indicated.
Opportunities in the gain of knowledge, higher education and seeking a new job will be utilized effectively.

Relations : Acquaintances with the new people is possible. You will meet highly influential people in society.
Enemies will be defeated. Comforts will be enjoyed with the support of women. Your words will be more valued by others.
You will act as mediator in solving critical problems. Care must be taken about the health of children to avoid losses.

Finance : Sudden monetary gains are indicated. Financial stability and also growth can be expected.
You will get lot of relief with the clearing of past debts and loans. Speculations are favorable in all affairs.
Returns or gains on investments will be good. Financial gain and indulgence in precious jewelery is indicated.
Businessmen will find this period to be a smooth one with satisfactory profits. Assets value will increase.
Construction activities result in satisfactory gains. You will prosper with your courage and enthusiasm.

Health : Health would remain in good shape. You will get peace of mind by overcoming all difficulties.

For the people born in Chitra results will not be in favor and also there may be lot of Physical strain and bodily pains, unnecessary journeys, huge expenditures, ill-health mostly head aches and fevers, fear and anxiety due to authorities, depression, Problems because of non completion of works in time, misunderstandings with the friends and relatives, severe difficulties in journeys, and lack of timely diet can be expected.

For the people born in swati results are not good. Unnecessary journeys, financial losses, lack of timely diet, difficulties in journeys, fear of thieves, humiliation and insults, getting angry, inconvenience due to incomplete works, monetary problems, loss of works, nervous weakness and fevers, involving in mean activities are indicated.

For the people born in Visakha results are not favorable. Acquaintances with the low profile and mean women, fear of enmity with the others, loss of position or degradation in job, losses in business and profession, enmity with the friends and relatives, discussions related to philosophy, irritation, Dominating others and exercising power, giddiness in works, indulgence in bad habits, unnecessary thoughts, and performing auspicious activities are indicated.

Favorable Dates : 4,5,12,13,22,31

Unfavorable Dates : 16,17,24,25,27

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