Vasthu basics in Atharvana Veda

Atharvaveda (Atharvana Veda) is the fourth Veda (Knowledge) in the ancient sanskrit literature in India. Atharva Veda and its Upanishads were mainly composed by two groups of rishis known as the Atharvanas and the Angirasa, hence its oldest name is Ātharvāṅgirasa. Later many seers contributed towards … Read more

Important Vaastu tips to select plot for Office or factory

Vaastu Tips Office or Small Factory The sloping of floors should be towards East, North and North-East, Weigh bridge or weighing machines may be placed in North- West or Central- East. Parking of heavy vehicles should be in South- West zone. Light commercial vehicles can be … Read more

Vaastu and Intellectuality in the Society

The foundation stone of any society is considered to be its intellectual class. The essential condition for the overall progress of the society is progress of this class. The pace of the progress of this class can be increased many fold if a few vastu rules … Read more

Personal Door and Fortune

The door is important because it reveals something about the conditions you experience while living in your home. If you wish to find out what your door presages, you need only to combine your birth star with the compass direction of your door. Remember, the compass … Read more