Usage of Clove (Lavang) for common health problems

Cloves (lavang) are very useful to control diabetes, fever, cough, cold, vomiting, indigestion, iching, allergy, thirst, headache etc. Its juice clears excess fat which blocks blood flow in nerves. To reduce Fatigue : Take 10 gms of cloves and boil them in 150 ml water till … Read more

Increase Vitality and Sperm count naturally

Men lose more vitality and sperm count during summer and rainy seasons due to excess heat in body, loss of energy in hot atmosphere and frequent viral attacks. Ayurveda suggests sexual intercourse for healthy men at one time per every 15 days during summer, once per … Read more

Ayurvedic recipes for conceiving by Childless couples

Recipe No.1: Make powder of Raavi(peepal) fruits add equal quantity of candy sugar. Take 1 spoon in the morning and drink cow’s milk. Both husband and wife should take the above. Benefits: Sores in uterus, cyst etc will be eliminated and conception takes place. failure of … Read more