Increase Vitality and Sperm count naturally

sperm count increase ayurvedaMen lose more vitality and sperm count during summer and rainy seasons due to excess heat in body, loss of energy in hot atmosphere and frequent viral attacks.

Ayurveda suggests sexual intercourse for healthy men at one time per every 15 days during summer, once per week during rainy season and once per day during winter.
Only if a man is more fitter and stronger than others, he can override these numbers, else men who over use their sperm will tend to become weak early and lose their vitality in middle age.
Many lose sperm count and remain childless.

Ayurvedic methods to increase sperm count and virility naturally :

Method 1 : Get peepal fruits, dry them and make their powder.
Consume 5 gms of this powder every morning.
As an alternate you can get peepal bark + peepal roots powder and use it with honey and sugar.
This will increase sperm count.

Method 2 : Get Yashtimadhuka (available in ayurvedic stores) roots powder ( 1 spoon), Ghee ( 1 spoon), Honey (2 spoons) and have them together as a paste every morning.

Method 3 : Take blackgrams and make fine paste with water and apply on male reproductive organ.
Clean it after 30-40 minutes. This will strengthen nerves in organ.

Method 4 : Every morning in a glass of hot cow milk add 5gm of Sunamukhi power and consume it.
This will increase vitality.

Method 5 : Eevery morning soak 4-5 dry dates in a glass of water and during night after dinner, squeeze them to make a paste inside water, remove seeds and have that paste along with soaked water.

Method 6 : Make juice of red onions and add equal quantity of honey and boil once.
Store this juice in a glass jar/bottle and have 20 gm of this juice every morning to increase sperm count.

Method 7 : Mix 3 gm of Aswagandha powder, 3 gm of Yashtimadhuka powder in 200 ml of warm milk and add some candy sugar, to make you gain some muscle and vitality.

Method 8 : If you became too thin by excess work, frequent masturbation or improper diet, then add 15 gm of Aswagandha powder in a glass of hot milk, 1 spoon ghee and candy sugar to make you gain back lost energy and muscle.

Method 9 : If you feel fatigue and tiresomeness by daily work and cannot have a satisfactory sexual encounter, then take 20 gm of dry kishmish(raisin) and soak them in a glass of water and add 1 lemon juice.
Let this soak over night and have them along with that water early in morning on empty stomah.
Repeat this process nonstop for 40 days to gain back all lost energy.

Method 10 : Have less salt, less spice and pepper and avoid fried food during nights.
Have more milk and sweets and regular workouts will help a lot.
Prepare Madanasura lehyam for added strength.

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