Adhika Maasam – Concept, Significance & Spiritual Importance

Adhika Maasam (extra month) is inserted in Vedic Calender (Panchang), to keep the lunar and solar calendars aligned. Position of Adhika Maasam amongst the other months is variable, re-occurring about every 32.5 months. According to Vasishtha Siddhartha (Treatise of Vasishtha), Adhika Maasam or the extra lunar … Read more

Bhargava Panchangam Table and Results

Bharagava Panchangam eliminates the need to look into tithi, Weekday, Nakshtram, Varjam, Yama Gandam or Rahu Kalam. We need to note the exact time of the Sunrise at local place where this is applied. These results are given for every 24 minutes assuming the Sunrise to … Read more

Monthly and Daily planners based on Birth Star

Monthly and daily predictions in vedic astrology are usually given based on your Moon Sign(Rashi) which is wider with 9 divisions of 3 constellations(nakshatra) but is narrower than Sun signs which span a whole month. To narrow these predictions further one can find monthly and daily … Read more