Monthly and Daily planners based on Birth Star

Monthly and daily predictions in vedic astrology are usually given based on your Moon Sign(Rashi) which is wider with 9 divisions of 3 constellations(nakshatra) but is narrower than Sun signs which span a whole month.monthly and daily planner

To narrow these predictions further one can find monthly and daily predcitions for their own birth star (janma nakshatra, where moon is placed).
To know a lunar month’s predictions for your own birthstar, checkout on which constellation (nakshatra) was moon on when it crosses newmoonday(amavasya) and enters next day (Sukla pratipada or Sukla padyami).
Calculate number of star for that day from your birthstar.
Example :- If moon is on Poorvashada star on sukla padyami or next day of new moon and your birth star is bharani, then count from bharani to poorvashada.
It will be 19.
Now formula will be (count of birthstar to padyami star) X 7 / 9
so it will be 19 X 7 / 9
Take only reminder here.
In this example it is 7.

If reminder is :

1 – SUN will rule this month – Results will be frequent headache, fever, body pains, strain and stress, useless travelling, tensions through higher officials, hurdles at work, difference of opinions with close associates.

2 – MERCURY will rule this month – Meetings with learned persons, good time for writing and creative thinking.
Interest in mathematics, astrology will increase.
Investments in business, more monetary gains and increase in friends circle. Short distance travels will be beneficial.

3 – RAHU will rule this month – Frequent distubances of sleep, bad dreams, association with corrupt people, black marketing, secret dealings, fear of reptiles, troubles in litigations

4 – JUPITER will rule this month – Financial gains, healthy mind and body, busy schedule, good relations with elders, meetings with learned persons, gaining knowledge, religious inclinations

5 – KETU will rule this month – Association with low profile persons, dissappointements and hurdles at work, legal and financial issues pending, spiritual progress, nightmares, religious inclinations, lack of itality and interest in daily life.

6 – MOON will rule this month – Good relations with opposite sex, financial gains, start of new business ventures, sound sleep, celebrations with close associates, ental peace and recovery of lost money.

7 – SATURN will rule this month – Fatigue, stress, stain, lack of vitality, frequent loss of appetite, hurdles at work, distubed relations, ill-health, monetary loss, weakness in nervous system

8 – VENUS will rule this month – New found love and relations, profits and extra income at work, purchase or acquiring new clothes, cosmetics, jewelley, perfumes etc.
Interest in poetry, drama, cinema, theatre, literature and asquisition of new vehicles and comforts

9 or 0 – MARS will rule this month – Bad relations with siblings, seeing accidents, injuries and scars on body, getting into legal, civil and criminal issues, dealing with police, discomfort during driving vehicles, frequent anger and headaches.

Similarly Daily predictions can be known by counting the present day’s star (moon on which constellation) from your birthstar and divide that number by 9.
Example :- If today, moon is on bharani constellation and if your birth star is Jyesta, then count from jyesta to bharani is 12.
So, 12/9 and reminder is 3.

In your case, if reminder is :-

1 – SATURN will rule the day
2 – JUPITER will rule the day
3 – MARS will rule the day
4 – SUN will rule the day
5 – RAHU will rule the day
6 – VENUS will rule the day
7 – MERCURY will rule the day
8 – MOON will rule the day
9 – KETU will rule the day

out of above reminders of 2,4,6,8,9 are favorable days and others are not.

So, in order to plan daily schedule, check both monthly and daily ruling planets for your birth star and see if both are favourable or not.
Even if both are not favourable, they can give good results if both are friendly planets.
For friends and enemies of planets, check this link

For example, 9 (mars) and 7(ketu) are friendly planets.
So if month is ruled by one and day is ruled by same or other, then it will give favourable results at the end of day even though it creates hurdles initially.
So plan your day based on these combinations and try to achieve better results