Predictions for birth number 2 and fadic number 6

Method to calculate birth number and fadic number : If you are born on dates 2,11,20,29 of any month, then your birth number is 2. The single number remaining after adding up numbers in date, is taken. How to find your fadic number : if you … Read more

Interaction of number 6 with other numbers

Six is the number of wisdom, knowledge, harmony, and loves beauty and color. A six-pointed star made from two interlaced trigangles symbolizes it. God is believed to have used the power of six to impart wisdom and create harmony through the universe. As a Destiny Number … Read more

Destiny Number or Fadic Number 6

How to know your destiny number or Fadic Number ? Add all numbers in your birthdate and derive a single number. Example : If your date of birth is 24th june 1983, add 2+4+6+1+9+8+3 = 33, Now add 3+3 = 6. So your destiny(fadic) number is … Read more

Number 6 in Numerology

Your Psyche or Nature Number is 6 , if you are born on 6,15,24 dates of any month. Your Personality and Traits You are strong and conscious about your physical appearance. You are extremely magnetic, people are attracted towards you and you are loved and often … Read more