Number 6 in Numerology

Your Psyche or Nature Number is 6 , if you are born on 6,15,24 dates of any month.

Your Personality and TraitsNumber 6 in numerology

You are strong and conscious about your physical appearance. You are extremely magnetic, people are attracted towards you and you are loved and often worshipped by people who are under you. You are youthful gentle, soft-spoken, luxury, loving, artistic and possess refined tastes. You dislike disorder and lead a well-balanced life. You are responsible and take your position of trust very seriously. You like fair play and enjoy working in partnership and function well as apart of a team. You are extremely loyal in your friendship. If you are man, you tend to be hedonistic as you continuously seek company of beautiful woman throughout your life. You are not likely to be bound towards your marital partner. You are quite prone to sex related disease. If you are a woman, you are beautiful, in body and mind and have refined taste. During adolescence you are mischievous, playful and sensual. Your love is kind of motherly love but you are quite capable of seducing holy men. You are dependable, love, justice, order and truth. You tend to overeat at times. You are well settled by 35th year and reach your prime by 49th year.

Special Notes:
For those born on 6th:
You have intense feelings and emotions and a devotional nature swayed by zeal for whatever purpose you choose whether it leads through war or revolution. You are born artist and art and beauty in life attracts you. Your outlook is bright and vivacious but your anger is hard to subside. You are possessive. You can love or hate with ferocious intensity. Keep your emotions under control.

For those born on 15th:
You should try to leave your footprints on the sands of time. You have the enthusiasm, intelligence, memory and the ambition to do it. You are fit for the jobs of ambassadors, governor and states persons. At times you are arrogant, boastful and interested in lower types of occult. Though apparently gentle, you have your convictions. You are destined to make sacrifices for others.

For those born on 24th:
You are methodical in your ideas and approach. Music and all forms of art appeal to you. You benefit from people of authority and members of the opposite sex. You marry a mate from a rich family and prosper .you like to entertain and socialize and are one of the best event managers. At times, you may force your opinion on others because of your massive ego.
Your Ruling Planet

Venus is the ruling Planet of nature number 6. Venus or the morning star is the most radiant planet in the eastern sky before sunrise and after sunset. Venus is a benefic planet with a feminine, aquatic nature. Venus governs the sensuous side of human nature. It is the lord of refined attributes, romance, beauty, fine arts, and sexual pleasure Venus governs the adolescence of humans, its effects is slightly different on women than on men. Venus is a friend of Mercury and Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are neutral to it (though Venus regards Jupiter as enemy). Sun and Moon are opponents of Venus. Nature number 6 is regarded as the most lucky numbers from 1 to 9.

Your Favorable Days, Dates, Periods, Year

Best Days:Friday and Wednesday. Better if these days fall on 6th, 15th and 24th.
Good Days:6th, 15st, 24th also 3rd, 9th, 12th, 18th, 21st, 27th and 30th.
Strong Periods:April 21st to May 20th and September 21st to October 20th
Weak Periods:First half of April, later part of October and November
Good years in life:6th, 15th, 24th, 33rd, 35th, 42nd, 9th, 51st, 63rd, 69th, 78th are good for you.

Your Compatibility with with other Psyche/Nature Numbers

Friendship1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9
Business3, 6, 9
Romance1, 3, 6, 9
Marriage3, 6, 9
Best Suited ProfessionHealthcare, Alchemist, Providers, Art Critics, Journalist
Karmic LessonDiscipline
OutlookMaterialistic, Knowledgeable and Lucky
TendencyAtheist / Occult

Special Guidelines

Favorable ColorsWhite, all shades of blue, pink, chrome yellow. Avoid Black or dark purple.
GemsDiamonds (white), turquoise and emerald
MeditationOn Diamond
To be repeated 11 times a day
HealthYou are prone to congestion of lungs. You are emotional and may suffer from frail nerves. You may also suffer from exhaustion; kidney disorder and sex related diseases. Because of your craving for spicy foods and sweets, you may also suffer from constipation.
Food HabitsYou should avoid oily, spicy foods and sweet. You should avoid intoxicants because you are likely to become addicted. You should avoid relationship outside marriage. Regular massage, breathing exercise and regular morning walk is beneficial for you.