How to solve marital problems using astrology

When someone asks me how to solve marital problems, and I jovially say better don’t get married!
Jokes apart, the best way to solve any kind of marital problems, right from small arguments to the extent of getting divorce, through astrology is using remedial measures
It is normally seen that if the 2nd lord is afflicted, the person will have lot of fights with the family members, and if the 7th lord is afflicted, the sex life of the couple will be unsatisfactory.

Fights, and misunderstanding will be high if the 6th lord is connected with the 7th lord, which will eventually lead to arguments for petty things, and ultimately hatred towards the partner.

Whenever the criticism or complaint goes on for more than one minute, it will lead to bigger fights. The reactions will be like a chain reaction, and partners will bring all those bad things that happened between them in the past years to fore? leading to a complete mayhem.

To nib the problem at the bud, follow these rules..

Look for solutions instead of blaming each other.
Define the problems. Most of the time people fight without looking into the problems.
Don’t personalize and bring in past mistakes in the conversation. Deal only with the ongoing issue.
Don’t bring in parent’s topics in conversation.

Remedies for each Lagna (ascendant)?

Mesha and Kanya – worship of Goddess Maha Lakshmi is best for reducing martial tensions.

Rishabha and Simha – chanting of Vishnu Sahasranaman will be helpful.

Mithuna – praying to Goddess Parvathi will be ideal.

Kataka – Aditya Hridyam will help the couple to keep cool.

Vrishika – prayers to Dakshinamoorthy will bring in peace.

Dhanus and Makara – prayers to Hanuman will ease the tensons.

Meena and Thula – prayers to mars will be helpful.

In general fasting on Fridays will be helpful for marriages. Doing Ganpathy mantra will be helpful to make attraction last in married life. Chanting of lord Muruga prayers will be helpful for virility problems in men.