Mantras – The Words of Power

A detailed practical guide for chanting mantras to help people with their development. The benefits of mantra chanting are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Examples of those benefits are illustrated in personal stories told by the author and her students.
mantra powerA connection is made between mantra and hatha yoga – if a mantra is chanted during a hatha yoga pose one can penetrate the deeper levels of the pose and experience its mystical meaning. Swami Radha has brought the ancient wisdom tought to her by her Guru from Rishikish and made this wisdom accessible to the western mind. She shows us how it works within the context of the western experience and she is constantly encouraging us to know from our own explorations of the Mantra. She is indeed a very powerful and enlightened writer who by example shows us the power of speech and the power of the ancient chants.

Sivananda Radha has explained the way the mantra works and has gone into the intricacies of this difficult spiritual discipline in a simple and clearcut way. Her list of mantra goes beyond individual religions and includes buddhist, christian and Hindu mantra that are easy to learn.