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Mundane Astrology

Contents: Preface; 1. Mundane astrology; 2. Astrology’s role in national affairs; 3. Traffic accidents: in astrological study; 4. Rail accidents: an astrological study;mundane astrology 5. Impact of eclipses; 6. Saturn-Jupiter nexus in mundane astrology; 7. A peep through the cyclic scope; 8. Future of New Delhi; 9. Does Saturn in Leo destroy fortresses in Delhi?; 10. Future of Kashmir; 11. Will India disintegrate?; 12. Natural zodiacal sign for India; 13. No world war in 2000 AD; 14. Astro-meteorology in folklore; 15. On earthquakes.

Comments : This is a collection of essays, in sum, an original work, rare in this field. Some interesting new techniques. One of them, the 180 year cycle, which is 15 cycles of Jupiter, 6 cycles of Saturn, and ten cycles of Rahu-Ketu. (I believe that 180 years is the minimum necessary to bring these three into one cycle.) Much of this book is a running commentary on contemporary Indian history, from the 1980’s to the present. From an essay published in 1991, he considers that New Delhi may not always be the capital of India, an interesting idea. Reacting to B.V. Raman’s prediction of a major world war in 2000, Pathak says that Raman is flatly wrong. For the mundane astrologer, some interesting reading.

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