Uttara Kalamrita

A rare work attributed to Kali Dasa. It provides an exhaustive list of the significations of houses and planets. It offers new avenues for the yoga karakas for each Lagna and for the solar return charts. There are remarkable guidelines regarding the major and minor periods of Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and the like. It is a precious work not to be missed. The text is based on Parasara and Jaimini and it is substantiated by the author?s own experience.

The text emphasizes more on ‘Kaarak’ planet and ‘Kaarakamsa’ in Navamsa chart.
He clearly describes few yogas such as ‘Budhaditya Yoga’ as to exist only in 1,3,8 houses and also when both sun and mercury are not afflicted by evil planets.

Also other major yogas, their peak timings, marriage, children, diseases, wealth,death and after death are also discussed.

Must read for those who study vedic astrology but this book expects reader to have sound knowledge beforehand.

Vedic Astrology & Ayurveda