Jagannatha Hora – Vedic Horoscope software

Jagannatha Hora – Complete Horoscope Drawing tool for all methods by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao

This tool can draw all divisional charts in vedic method, calculate all sublords of planets and cusps in K.P ,display Dasas according our choice of calender and Ayanamsa

Click on Image below to download Jagannatha Hora (full version)

Jagannatha Hora Download

The complete version with an atlas containing half million cities in USA and two million international cities and an accurate ephemeris for 5400 BC-5400 AD is 102 MB in size.

For accurate K.P charts, these adjustments in settings need to be made.

1. In Preferences -> Planet Calculation Options -> set Geocentric Positions, True Positions and True Nodes.
2. In Preferences -> Ayanamsa -> Krishnamoorthy(KP)
3. In Houses Tab on Natal Chart block, right click and select Placidus Houses (KP/Krishnamoorty), Ascendant is start of first house.
4. Select a Bhava Chart and right click on it to select based on D-1.
5. In Dasa tab on top, right click to pick definition of dasa as : 360 degree solar years.
Save Preferences.

If you use N.C.Lahiri Ayanamsa and traditional vedic charts, then just select ayanamsa as Lahiri and leave others.

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