Jyotishya Deepika – K.P Astrology Software

Download for free, Jyotishya Deepika version 5.2.2. This is a Krishnamurti Paddhati (K.P) specific software.
Click on the image below and right click to save as :

Jyotishya Deepika  - K.P Astrology Software

Important changes made in latest version :

  • The user interface has been made more friendly – especially with the addition of 5 UI themes, including two high contrast themes to enable easy viewing for customers with special visual requirements.
  • The organization of content in the Main Window has changed, making the creation of multiple charts much easier. It is now extremely easy to navigate between multiple open charts.
  • Charts can now be saved at the user’s discretion – the concept of a database has been removed. Users can now save charts in the “Jyotishya Deepika Chart – .jdc” format on their hard disk. These charts can be emailed to anyone else who has Jyotishya Deepika v5.2.2 and can be opened at their end.
  • Any chart can be saved and opened in the exact form it was saved. Also any birth or horary chart can be edited and the details get updated dynamically.
  • Users can now create TIME CHARTS for the instance they click the button with a single click.
  • Users can now create charts with a FIXED LAGNA value – so you can specify a value and create a chart who lagna is centered around the value given.
  • Birth Time Rectification is now inbuilt into a Birth Chart and hence updation of the birth time can update the chart dynamically.
  • Compatibility Matching is now more intuitive and easy to perform.
  • Individual cuspal charts can be printed at will.
  • Jyotishya Deepika v5.2.2 evaluation version can now be downloaded at no cost. So you can try the software “free of cost” with no obligations.

Note : Remember to set calculation preferences as Nodes = True Nodes for accurate Rahu, Ketu positions.

If you have further queries about this software, contact the original software author, Kumara Sanjaya